This site shows how you can make a CallSafe, a handsfree kit for your mobile phone that uses an acoustic tube instead of a wire.

This allows you to make a mobile call without holding an aerial next to your head.

The Idea behind the CallSafe

Most handsfree kits use a walkman-style earphone connected to the phone by a wire. Any piece of metal connected to or even in the vicinity of a radio transmitter tends to act like an aerial.

A CallSafe uses an acoustic tube like those that used to be found on the headsets for inflight movies, or on headsets for dictation equipment. This means that the sound is carried to the ear, but there is no wire involved.

How to Make a CallSafe

Deluxe Version - 35 or $50

    Tools required: A pair of scissors
    Assembly time: 2 minutes

1. First you need to buy a brand of handsfree kit called the Jabra EarSet (15 / $21 on sale, 25 / $35 full price). It's available from Carphone Warehouse and the Link in the UK, and stores like Radio Shack, Circuit City and Let's Talk Cellular in the US. You may need an adapter (5 / $7) if your phone is not a common one.

2. Then you need to get hold of a set of dictation headphones. If you go down to a retailer who supplies offices, you will find sets on sale like this Philips SH55. If you are lucky, they will sell you just the tubing and earpiece for about 8 / $11.

3. Snip the tubing off at the base of the headset. Take the tube and stick it into the little hole in the gel earpiece of the Jabra. It fits in nice and tight.

4. That's it! You have made your first CallSafe. Stick it in your ear and you will hear perfectly, and the microphone is now just by your mouth. If you want total luxury, then get a pack of EarFits (see below) and put one on your CallSafe's earpiece. It will fit really well and keep the CallSafe firmly in place.

Because the tubing is stiff, you can also hold the CallSafe just like a normal telephone handset if you don't like it in your ear all the time.

5. You now have one spare piece of tubing, so you can make another CallSafe for your spouse, kids, workmates, friends ...

Budget Version - 5 or $7

There is a really low budget way to make a CallSafe:

1. Get hold of any type of handfree kit that will work with your phone. You may have one already, in which case cost = $0, otherwise they can be had for as little as 7 / $10.

2. Find some EarFits. EarFits are available in the UK from the CarPhone Warehouse for about 5 for a pack of six. If you live outside the UK, Jabra sell their EarGels separately and they will work, but not as well as the EarFits.

3. Take an ordinary restaurant straw, bend it 90 degrees at the concertina. Put an earfit that fits in your ear on the short end.

4. Put another earfit onto the earphone of your handsfree kit. Squeeze the straw into the little hole at the end of the earfit. Don't worry about squashing the straw -- the sound will still carry.

5. Bundle up the wire with the clip or a tie so that the microphone is by the earphone.

6. That's it! It's ugly but it works.

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