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Welcome to Turtle Clan Online

The Turtle Clan is an alliance of friends who enjoy competitive and friendly multiplayer gaming.  We're a relatively new clan and are looking for opponents to scrim or play on TWL.

Right now our game list includes:

America's Army (6)

Medal of Hoonor: Allied Assault (2)

C&C Renegade (3)

C&C Red Alert 2 (YR) (3)

Axis and Allies (2)

Cultris (Tetris Clone) (8)

BattleField 1942 (2)

Empire Earth 2 (2)

War Rock (4)

We are also well versed in console games especially:

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Mario Kart: Double Dash


If you want to scrim us in any of these games email me.

Check Out the Turtle Clan Members

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Strategies and Walkthroughs

History of (TC)

Turtle Clan Blog

Video of Legend of Zelda: Parody of Time

Turtle Clan is not openly recruiting.

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