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This is an useful application helping you to transfer any data or code memory block from your Sinclair Zx Spectrum (equipped with a Sinclair Zx Interface One) to a PC equipped with a Microsoft Windows operating system and a RS232 9-pin serial port. So you can save your old, good Spectrum programs directly to your PC, or transfer a game snapshot (raw format) from your emulator to a real Spectrum. All standard serial speeds are supported (300 to 19200 bps) so you can see how fast a Spectrum can be when it transfer a 48k memory block!

A special RS232 cable, suitable with your Zx Interface One, is required. NOTE: it's not a modem or null-modem cable, they will NOT fit in the Zx Interface One. If you're able to use a soldering iron, building the right cable is easy and fast, you just need:

- one RS232 9pin female connector
- one RS232 9pin male connector
- one cable (length preferred: no more than 9ft) with six wires
- soldering iron and related accessories

PC Zx IF-1

2 - RD

3 - TD

3 - TD

2 - RD

5 - GND

7 - GND

7 - RTS

4 - CTS

8 - CTS

5 - RTS

1 - DCD

9 - DTR

If your PC is equipped with a 25 pin serial port you need a 25 to 9 pin (no gender changer) adapter. You can also get the 25 pin serial-port specs from the Hardware Book site and modify your cable connections by yourself.




All applications are still alpha (very experimental) and can have serious bugs. Author is not responsible for any damage resulted on any device or operating system involved.

Spxfr 0.09 alpha (279KB) main application. Tested on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP.
Snp2Tap 0.03 alpha (25KB) command-line application (Win32 console). It converts Spxfr snapshot files to standard TAP or TZX files. 

Please feel free to e-mail your favorite questions and tips, if you like.

The program is a "speccyware" program, that is, any Zx Spectrum related stuff is appreciated as a gift: e.g. accessories, interfaces... working of course :-). Or anything you like. If you want to send your gift, please use following address:

Davide Guida
via Rodolfo Falvo 10

80127 Napoli (Italy) 

You can also donate something to my account: ... it will be appreciated.

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