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3e StrowSaw - a Zx Spectrum +3e File Browser

Hi everybody,
I wrote a simple GUI front-end for 3e application and Win32 system.
It needs 3E.EXE in any folder on your hard disks, just select its full path in the Preferences option.

3e Strowsaw implements all current 3e features, and other nice stuff:

- can display files without extracting, as BASIC code (if it is a "Program" type) or as hexadecimal dump (for binary files). Zx Spectrum font can be used for display.
- automatically extracts all files loaded in a partition (loaded into an HDF or a physical device).
- automatically extracts all files in a disk (HDF or physical device), by reproducing the original partition structure as a Windows folder tree.
- extracts one or more files and saves directly to a TAP file (new or existing).
- extracts one or more files without +3DOS header, if present on your partition.
- puts more files at a time in a partition.

You can download it from this link (actual release: 1.064, January 16th, 2010).

If you will find bugs please send your report to me!