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≠яầċħəł٭Şĩłəяŵǿł≠'s Profile

Not knowing where she was born, or who her real parents are, Rachel_Silverwolf is a werewolf with the unique ability to change her age at will.

The very embodiment of purity, Rachel's height changes when she changes her age...ranging from 4 foot tall to 5 foot 1 inch. Her eyes are normally an Obsidian Black, but when she is mad they turn a Valcanic Red, complete with flames. Most of her fur is Mountain Gray, but turns snow white on her muzzle. She is always wearing her blue clothes and her much loved blue cap. She loves her new family very much, she is a daddies girl, but she loves her Uncle Yojimaru most of all, and though she is very young she is willing to risk her life for them. Rachel is just beginning to know love for another.....TD_Wض_, at the moment its like a mix between the love of brothers and sisters...and boyfriend girlfriend love, but it is rapidly blooming into something more.....who knows, perhaps when they are older they may become mates...only time can tell.