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Subs PS pics.

Ok so this is a cheap page i made in 5 mins to hold some PS pics for you guys at PSU... Sorry for the bad quality, THE GAME LOOKS MUCH BETTER! I will update these whenever possible. Read below.

SECTION 1 pwnage! (4/16/03)

Total ownage of Cont. by NC. (above and below)



A small group prepares to head out on some base captures (im in the lightning)

A member of the outfit in in Neocore

The water effect from a harraser (note the harraser has changed a bit since this pic was taken)

Heres a pic of a mosquito in the distance.

Heres what it looks like when your flying the phoenix rocket. its hard to take a screen of what it actually looks like.

I have my inventory down to a science

You can save your current inventory as a favorite for fast selection of equipment during battle, VERY USEFUL.

Heres what the view from the gun tower turret looks like

Character selection

The best I could do for a close up :)

Server Select screen.

Bow down to the steal armor (stealth not activated)

A group in a galaxy.

The HART (droppod) the fastest way to get where you goin.

The NC Sanctuary from the side window of a harraser.

An attempt at capturing a moment of carnage.

Again I try

An AMS does its job well.

As soon as the battle calms enough at this bridge for me to take a pic I do.

A ground vehicle squad can be deadly to a base (not seen are 2 enforcers and i think a basilisk)

A small known glitch which makes the HART invisable (being worked on) allowed me this otherwise impossble shot of the sanctuary.

I thought this was a nice landscape pic that neeed posting

*Last Updated 4/16- 4 new ones tonight. Working on some requests i got, stay tuned.

Feel free to contact me on the planetside-universe forums or by email to make requests for screen shots, Ill do the best I can for you. I will be updating these any time I get a good one or a request for one, they will have to remain at this quality because I only have 20mb of webspace.

Thanks to those visiting my site on a regular basis :) As long as people keep coming i will keep finding scenes of interest for you all.


Planetside Universe, best info, best forums, stop by
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Neocore, the outfit im in, stop by and apply.