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New Wheel Disease.

9/29/2003 - The former wheel disease of Neggitus has now been replaced by NeoMites. The cure for this disease is NeoMites Injection, as pictured above. The price of this medicine will most certainly skyrocket. Expect the price of NeoMites Injection to rise above 10,000 NP. Neggitus Injection had reached its peak at around 2,000 NP, but that was only because of the fact that it was given out for free by the Snowager. This should not happen with the NeoMites Injection, so be rest assured that you will be making a profit.

Codestone Training Changed.

9/22/2003 - Codestone training for your pets at the Mystery Island Training School have been changed today for the worse. Courses now take a lot longer to complete, and will require more codestones as well. Pets with a level above 250 will no longer be able to train at this school. However, Neo has announced that there will be a new way for pets above level 250 to train. As of now, pets with a level above 250 can only rely on Kitchen quests, Neggs, and Coltzan's Shrine. The price of codestones will inevitably rise because of this new change.

Faerie Paint Brush retired; Hidden Tower limitations.

9/16/2003 - The Faerie Paint Brush has now been retired from the Hidden Tower. It was being sold at the tower for the price of 200,000 NP before being removed today. You can no longer purchase more than one hidden tower item per day as well. If you have always wanted to paint your pet Faerie, be sure to purchase the paint brush from a dealer as soon as possible, since the price of this paint brush is going to rise.

Rarity of Species Weapons Changed.

8/27/2003 - Neopets has just announced that it has increased the rarity of ALL species weapons. However, it seems as if some of the rarities of the Techo weapons have been unchanged, such as Techo Boomerang and Techo Wand of Smiting. Species weapons with a rarity index above 90 prior to this change are also unaffected. Due to the increased rarity of these weapons, the Snow Faerie will now be giving out a lot less weapons, and Illusen and Jhudora quests should probably be a little easier to complete. There are plenty of weapons above Rarity 97, so be sure to invest in these weapons, as you can only acquire an item with a rarity index above 97 in shops. An in-depth guide on the increased rarity of these weapons will be released some day.

New Wheel Disease: Neggitus.

8/20/2003 - It has been announced that a different wheel disease is now being given out by the Wheel of Excitement. Instead of "Grumbles", the new wheel disease is Neggitus. You know what this means! Stock up on as many Neggitus Injections as possible! However, be warned that a Neggitus Injection can accidentally be picked up from the Snowager, and that this medicine is only rarity 35! This means that you shouldn't expect the price to go above a few thousand neopoints.

Snorkle Snout Rarity Changed.

8/9/2003 - Remember Pork Snout? Well, now it has been renamed to Snorkle Snout. Not only that, but its rarity index has been changed from 53 to 80! And since a Snorkle Snout is Spooky Food, you know that the Esophagor is going to be asking for them very frequently. This means that the price of Snorkle Snout will rise dramatically! I discovered this yesterday, and I have been closely monitering the inflation of this item. It was worth about 1,200 NP yesterday afternoon, and it is now 1,600 NP! Now, get investing!

Neopets changes Newbie Packs.

7/15/2003 - The standard Neopets newbie pack consisting of a Mint Chocolate Chia Pop, Can of Neocola, Tigersquash Corn Dog, BIG book of Puzzles, and Rainbow Gun was changed last night. As a result, the price of Mint Chocolate Chia Pops and BIG book of Puzzles are likely to inflate. Be sure to invest in these items while they are still cheap. You don't need to bother with the other items.

Kikos are now limited edition.

7/10/2003 - Neo announces that Kikos are now limited edition pets. As of now, no more of these can be created! Only 1,000,002 Kikos currently exist in Neopia, although more of these pets may be released sometime in the future. You may want to invest in a Kiko Morphing Potion while it is still buyable.

New Wheel Disease: Grumbles.

5/29/2003 - The wheel disease has been changed to Grumbles today. The cure, Grumble be Gone tablets, sold like crazy today. What was once worth 10k is now an unbuyable.

2002 Advent Calendar Items Retired.

5/13/2003 - Almost all of the items received from the 2002 Advent Calendar were retired today. I doubt that this change is going to inflate the price of any item, seeing that they were given away by the masses from the Advent Calendar in December. Not only that, but there was no other way to get them anyway, so these items should have been considered to be retired since the day Advent Calendar stopped handing them out. They also aren't quest ingredients. Unfortunately, Seasonal Pudding was affected by this change. It is no longer rarity 98, and it no longer counts as gourmet food. Tree Shaped Crackers and Cheese used to be rarity 89, but it was also affected by this change. However, Chocolate Brucicle and Blue Orange Chia Pop WERE NOT affected by this change. They are not retired, and they can still be used for quests! And of course, the Bottled Fire Faerie and Two Dubloon Coin are not affected by this change as well, and neither is the Snow Faerie Snowglobe.

Morphing Potions are now Rarity 98-99.

3/25/2003 - Due to a very high increase in rarity, morphing potions can't be given by the Snow Faerie anymore! Be sure to stock up on some Morphing Potions, as they have now entered the ultra/super rare status!

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