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Daily Freebies Guide
All of the following places can be visited once per day, unless stated otherwise. You've got to love freebies! Everyone should take advantage of these. 20 freebies locations are currently listed here, and I have also listed the Secret Laboratory and the Petpet Laboratory. Let me know if I have missed any.

This list was last updated on January 15, 2006.

Note: Please hit the BACK button of your browser to return to this page if it is replaced with a pop-up ad. Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can do to stop this from happening because of Angelfire! :( However, I will try to find a way to get around it!

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is only open in December. You usually receive two free items that are exclusive to the calendar, meaning that you can't buy them from regular shops. You'll also receive neopoints for free. Enjoy the daily flash animation!

Possible Freebies: Advent Calendar items

Also, check out the Advent Calendar Items List for a full listing of every Advent Calendar item that has been released since 2001!

Coltzan's Shrine

You can visit Coltzan's Shrine once every 13 hours. You may receive desert fruits, burnt desert foods, a raise in pet statistics, or nothing at all. You may also receive a small amount of neopoints, usually less than 300 NP.

Possible Freebies: Neopoints (around 100 to 300), +1 Defense, +1 Intelligence, +1 Level, +1 Movement, +1 Strength, Restore to Full HP, Broken Corn Pyramid, Broken Seasoning Sand, Burnt Grackle Bug on a Stick, Burnt Red Eye Egg, Burnt Scarab Cookie, Coltzans Gem, Cracked Mummified Pepper, Damaged Bagguss, Damaged Ummagine, Grackle Bug on a Stick, Grackle-Stuffed Turkey, Mangled Geopeppers, Mummified Pepper, Pyramibread, Pyramicake, Rotten Ptolymelon, Rotten Puntec Fruit, Scorched Cheops Plant, Scorched Grackle-Stuffed Turkey, Scorched Pyramicake, Scorched Sutek Beans, Scorched Sutek Muffin, Scorched Tut Trout, Serf Lens, Sutek Muffin, Sphinx Links, Spoiled Sphinx Links, Squashed Tchea Fruit, Tchea Fruit, Toasted Pyramibread, Two Dubloon Coin

Check out the Coltzan's Shrine Log if you're interested in results.

Deserted Tomb

You can visit the Deserted Tomb once per day. Your chances of getting an item here are pretty slim, but it's worth the try. Your active neopet may face injury, but the good ole' Healing Springs will take care of that for you.

Possible Freebies: Neopoints, Bone Sceptre, Bottled Air Faerie, Bottled Dark Faerie, Bottled Earth Faerie, Bottled Fire Faerie, Bottled Light Faerie, Bottled Water Faerie, Bri Codestone, Crunchy Skullberry, Eo Codestone, Geraptiku Burger, Geraptiku Fly Trap, Geraptiku Punch, Geraptiku Recipe, Geraptiku Snowglobe, Golden Geraptiku Talisman, Har Codestone, Island Native Techo Plushie, Lu Codestone, Lucky Bone Necklace, Main Codestone, Mau Codestone, Melowhirl, Obsidian Dagger, Orn Codestone, Potgatkerchi Plushie, Red Geraptiku Vase, Tai-Kai Codestone, Traditional Bone Throne, Vo Codestone, Wind Up Potgatkerchi Toy, Zei Codestone

Check out the Deserted Tomb Log if you're interested in results.

Freebies For You

You can visit this page once per month to redeem 2,000 Neopoints and a food item for all of your neopets!

Possible Freebies: 2000 NP, random assortment of food (one for each pet)

Fruit Machine

You get one free spin for the fruit machine everyday. You can win desert fruits, neopoints, muffins, and even paint brushes. Your chances of winning anything are slim, but it's worth a try.

Possible Freebies: 400 NP, 1000 NP, 50 NP and Bagguss, 50 NP and Ummagine, 50 NP and Tchea Fruit, 250 NP and Cheops Plant, 250 NP and Ptolymelon, 750 NP and Puntec Fruit, 2500 NP and Random Petpet, 10000 NP and Random Muffin, 15000 NP and Random Muffin and Random Paint Brush

Giant Jelly

You can get one free helping of jelly every day. Jellies are Jelly Food that can be consumed up to two times. They are also relatively cheap on the shop wizard. If you receive a Poisonous Jelly, do not feed this to your pet. Poisonous Jellies will induce the Neomonia disease.

Possible Freebies: Cornupepper Jelly, Dung Jelly, Glowing Jelly, Lemon Jelly, Lemon Trifle, Lime Jelly, Lime Trifle, Mint Jelly Half, Poisonous Jelly, Raspberry Jelly, Strawberry Jelly, Strawberry Trifle

Check out the Jelly Log if you're interested in results.

Giant Omelette

You can get one free slice of omelette every day. Omelettes are Tyrannian Food that can be consumed up to three times. They are also relatively cheap on the shop wizard. If you receive a Rotten Omelette, do not feed this to your pet. Rotten Omelettes will induce the Ugga Ugga disease, and unlike other omelettes, it can only be consumed once.

Possible Freebies: Bacon and Broccoli Omelette, Bacon Omelette, BBQ Sauce Omelette, Carrot and Pea Omelette, Cheese Omelette, Cheese and Onion Omelette, Fresh Fruit Surprise Omelette, Green Pepper Omelette, Ham and Cheese Omelette, Honey Blossom Omelette, Hot Tyrannian Pepper Omelette, Little Fishy Omelette, Meat Feast Omelette, Plain Omelette, Rotten Omelette, Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette, Sausage Omelette, Spicy Red Pepper Omelette, Tangy Tigersquash Omelette, Tomato Omelette, Tomato and Pepper Omelette, Ugga Melon Omelette, Veggie Delight Omelette

Check out the Omelette Log if you're interested in results.

Grumpy Old King

Try to formulate a joke that can make King Skarl laugh - you can do this once per day. If he laughs, you will receive one or two items and even an avatar. If he doesn't laugh and kicks you out of his castle, you will receive a different avatar. Jokes required to make King Skarl laugh are random.

Possible Freebies: Neopoints, Moody Avatar, Skarl Avatar, Bag of Peas, Blackened Banana, Bowl of Yuck, Chicken Leg Wing, Chunky Meaty Stew, Cup of Water, Golden Stalk, Gruel, Hot Crossed Buns, Raw Potato, Royal Cheese Bread, Skarl Fruit, Skarl Kebab, Sludge Pie, Stale Bread, Tail Bone, Tasty Turnip Tartar

Guess the Weight of the Marrow

You can guess the weight of the marrow once per day. If you guess correctly, you will win a marrow item. The marrow usually weighs between 200 and 800 pounds.

Possible Freebies: Chocolate Marrow Slice, Marrow, Marrow and Rice Sundae, Marrow Bean, Marrow Pie, Marrowblade

Healing Springs

You can visit the Water Faerie every 30 minutes. Healing for your pets is provided to you for free, and why purchase potions and elixirs when you can get them for free? The Water Faerie can also cure any diseases that your pet may have. You may also receive a basic snowball from her. Definitely visit her every 30 minutes!

Possible Freebies: Heal 3 HP, Heal 7 HP, Heal 10 HP, Heal 15 HP, Full HP and Health Heal, Bubbling Healing Goo, Dewberry Reviver, Essence of Everlasting Apple, Healing Potion I, Healing Potion II, Healing Potion III, Healing Potion IV, Healing Potion V, Healing Potion VI, Healing Potion VII, Healing Potion VIII, Healing Potion IX, Healing Potion X, Healing Potion XI, Healing Potion XII, Juicy Elixir, Lime Elixir, Poison Snowball, Super Strength Healing Potion, Ubikiberry Elixir, Wet Snowball

Laboratory Ray

In order to gain access to the Laboratory Ray, you must collect nine unique Secret Laboratory Maps. The entire set of maps will cost about 500,000 NP. Once you have access to the Laboratory Ray, you may choose one pet to zap every day. Your pet will either gain or lose statistics, change colors, species, gender, or nothing at all will happen.

Possible Freebies: +2 or +3 or +4 or +5 Hit Points, +2 or +3 Levels, +2 or +3 Defense, +2 or +3 Movement, +2 or +3 Strength, -2 Levels, -2 or -3 Defense, -2 or -3 Movement, -2 or -3 Strength, Color Change, Gender Change, Species Change

Please look at my Lab Ray Log if you're interested in results.

Laboratory Ray - Petpet

In order to gain access to the Petpet Laboratory Ray, you must already have access to the normal Secret Laboratory Ray. In addition, you must collect nine unique Petpet Laboratory Maps. The entire set of maps will only cost about 25,000 NP. Once you have access to the Petpet Laboratory Ray, you may choose one petpet to zap every day. You will get an avatar if your petpet becomes a Pile of Soot.

Possible Freebies: Avatar, -1 Petpet level, +1 Petpet level, Name Change to Dirigibles, Dragona's Socks, Pants McGee, or Your Ad Here, Turn into a Pile of Soot, Petpet transformation, Special Petpet transformation

Check out the Petpet Lab Log if you're interested in results.

Shop of Offers

You can do this once per day. Simply click on the Slorg that is slowly moving across the page. Either 50 or 100 neopoints will be added to your account.

Possible Freebies: 50 NP, 100 NP


The Snowager is asleep three hours a day - from 6:00am-7:00am, 2:00pm-3:00pm, and 10:00pm-11:00pm. All times are NST. You can receive snowballs, neggs, plushies, scratchcards, keyrings, cheap battledome items, or nothing at all. Your active neopet may face injury, but the good ole' Healing Springs will take care of that for you.

Possible Freebies: Abominable Snowball, Angry Red Usul Keyring, Basic Lightning Beam, Blue Acara Plushie, Blue Aisha Plushie, Blue Bruce Plushie, Blue Chia Plushie, Blue Chomby Plushie, Blue Cybunny Plushie, Blue Flotsam Plushie, Blue Frost Cannon, Blue Gelert Plushie, Blue Grundo Keyring, Blue JubJub Plushie, Blue Kacheek Plushie, Blue Kiko Keyring, Blue Koi Keyring, Blue Koi Plushie, Blue Korbat Keyring, Blue Korbat Plushie, Blue Kougra Plushie, Blue Kyrii Plushie, Blue Lenny Plushie, Blue Lupe Plushie, Blue Mynci Plushie, Blue Nimmo Plushie, Blue Pteri Plushie, Blue Shoyru Plushie, Blue Tuskaninny Plushie, Blue Uni Plushie, Blue Usul Plushie, Blue Wocky Keyring, Blue Wocky Plushie, Blue Zafara Plushie, Bubble Beam, Burgundy Grundo Plushie, Cheap Air Ring, Cheap Earth Ring, Cheap Fire Ring, Cheap Water Ring, Checkered Kiko Plushie, Evil Snowball, Faeries Fortune Scratchcard, Fire Wocky Keyring, Gelert Wand, Green Acara Plushie, Green Aisha Plushie, Green Bruce Plushie, Green Chomby Plushie, Green Cybunny Plushie, Green Flotsam Plushie, Green Gelert Plushie, Green Jubjub Plushie, Green Kacheek Plushie, Green Koi Plushie, Green Korbat Plushie, Green Kougra Plushie, Green Kyrii Plushie, Green Lenny Plushie, Green Lupe Plushie, Green Mynci Plushie, Green Pteri Plushie, Green Shoyru Plushie, Green Tuskaninny Plushie, Green Uni Plushie, Green Usul Keyring, Green Usul Plushie, Green Wocky Keyring, Green Wocky Plushie, Green Zafara Plushie, Improved Lightning Beam, Leeble Plushie, Lightning Gun, Lightning Wand, Melted Chocolate Negg, Moehog Hoof Pad, Negg, Neggitus Injection, Orange Pteri Plushie, Peach Snowball, Purple Negg, Race to Riches Scratchcard, Rainbow Aisha Plushie, Rainbow Gun, Rainbow Reject Cybunny Plushie, Red Acara Plushie, Red Bruce Plushie, Red Chia Plushie, Red Chomby Plushie, Red Cybunny Plushie, Red Cyodrake Plushie, Red Flotsam Plushie, Red Frost Cannon, Red Gelert Plushie, Red Grundo Keyring, Red Jubjub Plushie, Red Kacheek Plushie, Red Koi Keyring, Red Koi Plushie, Red Korbat Keyring, Red Korbat Plushie, Red Kougra Plushie, Red Kyrii Plushie, Red Lenny Plushie, Red Lupe Plushie, Red Mynci Plushie, Red Nimmo Plushie, Red Shoyru Plushie, Red Skeith Keyring, Red Tuskaninny Keyring, Red Tuskaninny Plushie, Red Uni Plushie, Red Usul Keyring, Red Usul Plushie, Red Wocky Keyring, Red Wocky Plushie, Red Zafara Plushie, Rustic Kougra Plushie, Silver Chomby Plushie, Sparkshooter, Supersize!, Surfboard Keyring, Sword of Domar, Treasure Trove Scratchcard, Trumpet of Blasting, Trumpet Of Deafening, Wet Snowball, Yellow Acara Plushie, Yellow Aisha Plushie, Yellow Blumaroo Keyring, Yellow Bruce Plushie, Yellow Chia Plushie, Yellow Chomby Plushie, Yellow Cybunny Plushie, Yellow Flotsam Plushie, Yellow Frost Cannon, Yellow Gelert Plushie, Yellow Jubjub Plushie, Yellow Kacheek Plushie, Yellow Koi Plushie, Yellow Korbat Plushie, Yellow Kougra Plushie, Yellow Kyrii Plushie, Yellow Lenny Plushie, Yellow Lupe Plushie, Yellow Mynci Plushie, Yellow Nimmo Plushie, Yellow Pteri Plushie, Yellow Shoyru Plushie, Yellow Snowball, Yellow Uni Plushie, Yellow Usul Plushie, Yellow Wocky Keyring, Yellow Zafara Plushie

Soup Kitchen

You may visit the Soup Kitchen once per day to feed each of your pets once. In order to receive a helping of food from the Soup Faerie, you must have less than 3,000 NP total in your account. Being fed by the Soup Faerie may also give you an avatar.

Possible Freebies: Avatar, Food for your pets

Symol Hole

You can visit once per day. You'll rarely get any items or neopoints here, but it's worth a try.

Possible Freebies: A book entitled The Founder, Broken Pottery, Buried Bone, Chewed Veespa Toy, Fake Golden Scratchy Post, Photo of a Castle, Pirakeet Plushie, Selket Plushie, Squeezy Symol Toy, Stained Glass Symol Window, Strange Gold Coin, Symol T-shirt, Turtum Windup Toy, Vile Swamp Water

Tiki Tack Tombola

You get a free Tombola spin every day. You usually win junk items, gross food, spooky food, faeries, codestones, cheap Tombola food, or nothing at all. Sometimes you'll receive a small amount of neopoints when you don't win. The Tombola man is not available after 9:00pm PST. Also, the Tombola man frequently asks for a donation. Either donate some neopoints to the Tombola man or come back at a later time to claim your daily prize.

Possible Winning Freebies: Neopoints and 1 or 2 of the following: Almost Gummy Rat (Grape), Anchovy Loaf, Ant Eaten Ham, Asparagus Yoghurt, Bacon and Eggs Ice Cream, Bat Cookie, Black Widow Truffle, Blueberry Beetle Cracker, Blueberry Fish Pop, Bluehamberry Burger, Bottled Air Faerie, Bottled Dark Faerie, Bottled Earth Faerie, Bottled Fire Faerie, Bottled Light Faerie, Bottled Water Faerie, Bri Codestone, Candy Peas, Carawool, Cheese and Eel Burger, Cheese Covered Caramel Apple, Chewing Dung, Chocolate Coated Fish Pop, Chocolate Fish Pop Milkshake, Chocolate Taco, Coconut Cream Steak, Courgette Ice Cream, Cup-O-Slime, Duck Neck, Dung Cream Sandwich, Eo Codestone, Eye Candy, Eyeball Fungus, Eyeball Pie, Eyeball Sushi, Fantastic Fly Pie, Finger Crisps, Fish Pop, Fish Flavour Ice Cream, Fresh Clam Jam, Fresh Seaweed Pie, Fruit Fly Surprise, Ghost Marshmallows, Glowing Sand, Grubwich, Har Codestone, Hot Worm Hot Dog, Iced Fish Cake, Infested Peach, Intestines and Marinara, Invisible Sand, Ketchup Ice Cream, Lemon and Lime Fish Pop, Lice Rice, Lime Milkshake, Lu Codestone, Maggot Stew, Main Codestone, Mashed Potato with Strawberry Sauce., Mau Codestone, Meatballs and Worms, Minced Beef Pretzel, Mucus Soup, Mud n Mayo Dip, Mummy Spaghetti, Mustard Ice Cream, Onion Sorbet, Orn Codestone, Pasta And Eyes, Peaburger Delight, Pickled Leeches, Rainbow Sand, Rotten Wormy Apple, Salmon Fishwich, Salmon Mousse Tea, Scab Cake, Snail Sub, Spring Onion Ice Cream, Stick of Butter, Strawberry and Cream Fish Pop, Strawberry Artichoke, Strawberry and Cheese Milkshake, Stuffed Frog, Sugared Meatballs, Sweetcorn with Tomato Sauce, Tai-Kai Codestone, Toe Nail Soup, Toffee Classic, Tonguewich, Tuna Porridge, Very Rotten Tomato, Vo Codestone, Woo Woo Grub, Worm Nugget, Zei Codestone

Possible Booby Freebies: Neopoints, Baked Beans, Bottle of Black Sand, Bottle of Blue Sand, Bottle of Green Sand, Bottle Of Orange Sand, Bottle of Red Sand, Box of Trifle Mix, Box of Wheat Flakes, Brown Sauce, Can of Prune Juice, Chocolate Faerie Cake, Dandelion and Burdock Drink, Dried Apricots, Dried Prunes, Half Coconut Shell, Homemade Gooseberry Jam, Homemade Marmalade, Musho Mushy Peas, Neoflakes Cake, Neopian Times Issue 3, Plain Faerie Cake, Scotch Egg, Semolina, Tiki Tack Keyring, Tin of Olives, Tin of Sardines, Tombola Keyring, Tombola Pencil Sharpener, Tombola T Shirt, Tombola Visor, Unlabelled Tin Can

Check out the Tombola Log if you're interested in results.


The Turmaculus is awake for one hour every day, but this hour is random. Be sure to refer to the Neoboards for this. A petpet is required for this. If you are able to wake it up, you will either receive an item from the Turmaculus or an avatar if it decides to eat your petpet instead. You can also get a small sum of neopoints and a level raise for your petpet.

Possible Freebies: Neopoints, Avatar, +1 Level, Full HP Heal, Axe Shrub, Beef Jerky, Book of Swords, Guide to Knighthood, Lucky Green Boots, Medieval Shirt, Poets Hat, Sausages, Sword Bush, The Tournament Handbook, Turkey and Potato Dinner

Underwater Fishing

Each and every single one of your pets can go fishing more than once per day. You can catch junk items, fish, or gardening items for your Neohome. Your pet's fishing level will sometimes increase. The higher the level, the better items that your pet can possibly catch. However, this does not decrease your chances of catching junk items. Be ready to wait several hours between catches.

Possible Freebies: 17-Pound Trout, Bag of Broken Neopoints, Blandfish, Bombfish, Breadfish, Broken Fishing Pole, Broken Toy Sailboat, Broken Toy Sailboat, Bucket of Sludge, Butterfish, Chaosfish, Cheery Plant, Cinder Block Sea Fungus, Cubefish, Cubical Sea Fungus, Darigan Seaweed, Diseased Mechafish, Dull Grey Pearl, Enormous Fake Diamond, Eyefish, Fish Scale Breastplate, Fishing Made Easy, Fractalpus, Frozen Mechafish, Giant Bath Plug, Giant Brown Kelp, Giant Giant Squid, Giant Green Kelp, Giant Red Kelp, Grey Sea Fern, Inferno Mollusk, Landfish, Large Giant Squid, Lesser Spotted Fish, Magic Crystalline Kelp, Mossy Rock, Mouldy Petpet Bed, Old Rotten Left Boot, Old Rotten Left Sandal, Old Rotten Left Shoe, Old Rotten Right Boot, Old Rotten Right Sandal, Old Rotten Right Shoe, On Gelert Pond, Pant Devil Attractor, Petrified Bone, Plushie Fungus, Prismatic Sea Fern, Radarfish, Rockfish, Rotting Driftwood, Rusty Old Can, Scrawnyfish, Shimmery Seagrass, Shiny Shoal Shell Shield, Small Giant Squid, Spongy Algae, Starry Sea Fern, Tanglepus, The Old Mynci and the Sea, Titanic Giant Squid, Transparifish, Tyrannian Mechafish, Void Plant, Waterfish, Waterlogged Book

Check out the Underwater Fishing Log if you're interested in results.

Wise Old King

Try to formulate a joke that can make King Hagan laugh - you can do this once per day. If he laughs, you will receive one or two books. Jokes required to make King Hagan laugh are random.

Possible Freebies: Neopoints, Advanced Learning, Advanced Poetry, All About Glass, Brightvale Castle, Brightvale History, Brightvale Maps, Brightvale Potion Manual, Cartography For Beginners, Job Coupon Handbook, Joy of Fruit, Keeping The Peace, King Hagan, King Hagans Biography, Learned Royalty, Mage Spells, Modern Spells, Tales of Bravery, The Mote Encyclopedia

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