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bird cages

Fun Images!
Last Updated: August 30, 2005

Grackle Bug Prize
Argh! You spend more than 2,000 NP on food ingredients, and you get something that is only worth a single NP in return. So unlucky!

Healing Potion Prize
Spend at least 1,000 NP worth of spooky food ingredients and what do you get in return?

Impossible Potato Counter Guess
How could anyone possibly have the time to count all of those potatoes?

Mystery Prize Refund
Pay 100 Neopoints to spin the wheel, get a refund!

Single Neopoint Award
Spend 100 Neopoints, get one back!

Skarl Joke - For Halloween
What an interesting score for a Halloween joke.

Skarl Joke - The Fire!
He's really angry about fire!

Snowager gives Abominable Snowball
I was expecting one of those battledome snowballs, but I sure wasn't expecting an abominable one!

Snowager gives Rainbow Gun
Thanks for the Rainbow Gun. It's almost as bad as getting a regular snowball.

Stolen Quest Ingredient
A quest ingredient stolen at the very last minute!

Tiki Tack - SOLD OUT!
The one shop that nobody ever expected to sell out has just did! No, I was not restock banned.

More coming soon!

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