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NES games (commercially released)
Crash 'N The Boys Street ChallengeRiver City RansomNintendo World Cup
Apart from the goofy names and some of the 'streetwise' graphics, this is pretty much the same as the Japanese version.An absolute classic. What other games combine fighting and shopping so well?Know that song by Silverchair? Pure Massacre indeed.
RenegadeSuper Dodge Ball
It's an oldie... but not a goodie. For the die-hard fans only.Get back at the kids who got you in primary school! Well, sort of.

NES games (patched)
Downtown Nekketu Cross-CountryGo Go! Nekketu Hockey Club - Multi Sport BattleKunio-kun's Nekketsu Soccer League
(Disconnected Translations - v0.15) Haven't played this all the way through yet, so I don't know what is/isn't translated. At the very least, you can navigate the opening menus...(Disconnected Translations) According to The Whirlpool, this patch has a bug in it. I haven't played this one to find out.(PentarouZero - v1.1) Great game. The patch needs a tweak but apart from that, it's fine.
Hotblooded! Street Basket Ganbare Dunk HeroesRiki KunioTechnos Samurai - Downtown Special
(Ice Translations - v0.75) Same deal as Cross Country (above) but I think this one has more translated. Anyway, it's not complete.(oRdErEDchaos - v0.98) It's a fantastic game, but I don't think this patch will ever be finished.(Technos Samurai Translation Project - v1.0) It's Kunio the samurai! This plays exactly like a tougher version of Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari/River City Ransom... well, what are you waiting for?
SNES games (patched)
Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-tachi no Bannka
Don't let the title screen fool you, this is fully translated. It's better than Technos' other SNES beat 'em up.