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Joining this league means you are here to have fun. We have few rules here, and here they are, learn em, love em, live em:

  1. Don't cheat.
  2. Don't accuse others of cheating w/o proof. Contact an admin but dont EVER bring it up in the lobby. No, its not funny anymore. I'll bitch slap you. 
  3. Don't make the lobby miserable. 
  4. Don't stir up drama.  
  5. Have fun, party, smoke, be naked. 
  6. Try to be thick skinned, we are shit talkers around here. 
  7. Pot the 8 on a break is a "do over". 
  8. If Yahoo says you won, you won. Even if there is a glitch or a mistake. 
  9. Safetys are legal. 
  10. If you are not a TD, do not SPAM. SPAMs should only be league related and should not flood the room. 
  11. Unless otherwise stated by a TD, the TD will report all tournament matches. One-on-one league games are to be reported by the players. 
  12. Read the Hightimes Tourney Rules if you are unsure of any rules. 
  13. Timers are for 10 minutes for no shows or if you are booted. Ask a TD for a timer. 3 timers and you are out of the tournament. Please pay attention to your turns. 
  14. Do not start a tourney game until the TD announces it or it wont count.. 
  15. If you are excessively irritating, cause too many problems in a tournament, or are ruining other people's good time you will be put in a "Penalty Box" where you can do no league activity for 3-7 days, depending on your level of annoyance. 3+ times in the penalty box and you are out of the league.

If you are looking for a strict league with a strong dicatorship and babysitters to tell you how to talk and behave, then this is not the league for you.

If you want to leave, LEAVE and have a good day.

Party on mother fuckers.



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We would like to make a few announcements in staff. The Head Admin of Hightimes is Eskippyca. Quorkthym3 and missymaegan_26 make the rest of the admin staff. They will do a great job in making sure the league for party people continues to grow and they will be there to help anyone and answer any questions.
Please continue to play in the tournies, enjoy league games, and keep all drama out of the lobby.Be High, Be Naked, and Have fun!

We need all of our TDs to keep the tournies rolling and all of our members to respect our TDs while they are running them.
Only the TDs may spam.Any one else spamming our scrolling in the lobby wil be boxed.Only the TD running a tourney should be typing in caps and only for announcing the tourney.

We have ADMIN and HTD available to help you with any of your league problems, send us an email,instant messege us, invite us to a table..but keep it out of the lobby.

The Hightimes webpage will be under construction periodically for updating.If you are having trouble getting the page to load you may add this link to your favorites and use it as a backdoor to the webpage
If you have pictures you would like added to the member gallery, email them to the and they will be added

Now get your asses in there and play a league game or jump in a tourney.Thank you for making our league ROCK!


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Head TD's

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iv_tool_iv Send an Instant 
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pleakey420 Send an Instant 
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