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Placement of games

[ storyline ]

~ The Legend of Zelda ~

Electronic Gaming Monthly number 113 Dec 1998


~ The Adventure of Link ~

The Adventure of Link instruction booklet story (1988)

  • At the end of a fierce fight, Link overthrew Ganon, took back the Triforce and rescued
    Princess Zelda.
  • However, is it all really finished?
  • Many seasons have passed since then.
  • Hyrule was on the road to ruin. The power that the vile heart of Ganon had left behind was causing chaos and disorder in Hyrule. What's more, even after the fall of Ganon, some of his underlings remained, waiting for Ganon's return.

    The key to Ganon's return was the blood of Link-the valiant lad who overthrew the King of Evil. Ganon would be revived by sacrificing Link and sprinkling his blood on the ashes of Ganon.

    Meanwhile, Link remained in the little kingdom of Hyrule and lent his hand to its restoration. But circumstances did not look very good.


    Nintendo Fun Club News Vol 2 April/May 1988


    Electronic Gaming Monthly number 113 Dec 1998


    ~ A Link to the Past ~

    Nintendo Power magazine volume 27 August 1991


    Super NES Nintendo Player's Guide 1992


    A Link to the Past (SNES 1992)
    "If a person who has an evil
    heart gets the Triforce, a Hero
    is destined to appear...
    ...and he alone must face the
    person who began the Great

    Only a person of the Knights Of
    Hyrule, who protected the
    royalty of Hylia, can become
    the Hero...
    You are of their
    blood-line, aren't you? Then
    you must rescue
    Zelda without fail.


    Electronic Gaming Monthly number 113 Dec 1998

    ~ Link's Awakening ~

    Link's Awakening instruction booklet story (1993)

    Though you fulfilled the Hyrulian prophecy of the Legendary Hero and destroyed the evil tyrant Ganon, the land of Hyrule enjoyed only a precarious peace. "Who knows what threats may arise from Ganon's ashes?" the restless people murmured as they knitted their brows and shook their heads. Ever vigilant, you decided to journey away from Hyrule on a quest for enlightenment, in search of wisdom that would make you better able to withstand the next threat to your homeland.


    Nintendo Power magazine volume 48 1993 Link's Awakening preview


    Electronic Gaming Monthly number 113 Dec 1998


    Nintendo Co. Ltd Dreaming Island DX website 1998

    - Link destroying Ganon prior to Dreaming Island in Triforce of the Gods (Super Famicom)


    ~ Ocarina of Time ~

    Nintendo Power Volume 114, Nov 1998


    1999 Video Game Buyer's Guide by Electronic Gaming Monthly


    Ocarina of Time (N64 1998)




    When this seal is broken....
    That is when I will exterminate
    your descendants!!

    As long as the Triforce of Power
    is in my hand...."

    ~ Majora's Mask ~

    Majora's Mask instruction booklet story (2000)

    In the land of Hyrule, there
    echoes a legend. A legend held
    dearly by the Royal Family that
    tells of a boy...

    A boy who,
    after battling evil and saving
    Hyrule, crept away from that land
    that had made him a legend...

    Done with the battles he once
    waged across time, he embarked
    on a journey. A secret and
    personal journey...

    A journey in search of a
    beloved and invaluable friend...

    A friend with whom he parted
    ways when he finally fulfilled
    his heroic destiny and took his place
    among legends...

    Several months after rescuing Princess Zelda and saving the land of Hyrule, Link set foot into the mysterious world of Termina by chance while in the midst of a new journey. There, Link heard a frightful rumor that in just three days, the moon would fall from the heavens onto that land...

  game page description

    "The Legend ...

    Plot is often an afterthought in video games, but it is the driving force in Majora's Mask. The storyline meanders through the game like a living creature, poking around here and there to reveal greater insight into the land of Termina. Link is a well-armed detective in this mysterious adventure, gaining greater insight into the lives of established characters and meeting fresh faces as well.

    At first glance Majora's Mask appears to be uncharacteristically dark and brooding, but in fact it is usually the fear of the unknown which creates this uneasy mood. As Link gains knowledge, the world becomes less intimidating.

    The mystery begins a mere three months after Link's triumph over Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time. Now downtrodden, Link guides Epona through a somber fog in search of his faithful fair friend Navi. To Epona's surprise, two mischievous fairies materialize out of the mist and send Link's steed into a panicked retreat."


    Nintendo Power Volume 125, Oct 1999


    Majora's Mask manga by Akira Himegawa (translation by Annie of Zelda No Densetsu)

    ~ The Wind Waker ~

    Zelda Gamer's summit interview 2002

    GameSpy: How many different Links are there? It seems that this Link is not the same as the one in Ocarina of Time.

    Eiji Aonuma: In our opinion, with The Legend of Zelda series, in every game there is a new Link -- a new hero named Link arrives in order to fight the evil. With regards to how many Links there are, I guess it depends on how long we continue to make The Legend of Zelda games!

    GameSpy: Where does The Wind Waker fit into the Zelda timeline?

    Shigeru Miyamoto: In terms of the storyline, we've decided that this game takes place over 100 years after the events of Ocarina of Time. As you play through the game, you'll notice that the storyline hints at past events from Ocarina of Time.

    Eiji Aonuma: Think back to the end of Ocarina of Time. There were essentially two time period endings: one as young Link, and one as adult Link. Link defeated Gannon at the end as an adult, and then the game ends with Link being a child once again. The Wind Waker takes place 100 years after the ending with Link as an adult.


    As for the game's story, The Wind Waker will offer a more cohesive presentation of the Zelda mythos. Set 100 years after the events in Ocarina of Time, the game will focus on a young boy named Link who is presented with green clothes that are tied to a legend that revolves around a hero dressed in green. One aspect of the back story to the Zelda games that hasn't been quite clear is that Link and Ganon represent the eternal struggle between good and evil. Just as Ganon represents timeless evil, Link embodies good, which explains why a hero named Link will always rise to fight Ganon. As a result, every Link seen in the various installments of the series can be considered to be a different one.


    Nintendo Power volume 165, March 2003


    Virgin Megastore Roundtable, Febuary 21st 2003

    Could you please explain how the different Zelda games tie together and whether Link is the same in each game.

    Miyamoto: In the long history of Hyrule, there are a number of Links which have made contributions. We'd need to write long papers indeed to cover all the background of this.

    Aonuma: Many people ask me why I chose to have Link's sister for the first time. We really wanted to have a motivation for an ordinary boy to get involved in a big adventure. We thought having to rescue his sister would be a good trigger.

    Previously Link has been seen as simply born to fight evil, but now the new Link is an ordinary boy who, suddenly, becomes involved in an adventure.

    In past Zelda games, Zelda was still the ordinary boy but he was supposed to fight evil. The most important thing is that players are growing along with Link. To do this, Link must be ordinary to start with then must meet with destiny so it becomes clear how he can evolve.


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