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MegaManEffect for Windows

Based on the original program for the Mac by Mike Zornek. Link. This program however is in no way associated with Mike Zornek.

A while back in 2005, the original MegaManEffect was released for OSX. I happened to catch the Attack of the Show spot on it, and immediatly checked it out. Sadly, I quickly found out that there was no plan to write a Windows version.

For those who don't know about the program this is based on, MegaManEffect was designed to emulate the boss intro screen from the classic Mega Man 2. Except in this case the enemy is replaced by the program that has just started.

This version is by no means as polished or as efficient as the original is, but it does recreate the effect.

After some more time off (otherwise known as Mardi Gras break; God how nerdy is it to program during Mardi Gras? I swear it was only a little bit) I had a chance to make more progress on the program. I added a seperate icon to indicate when the program is active or inactive. Next on the list is a menu for closing the program.


The little Mega Man icon is used to control the program. Simple on/off toggle interface.

The program running in disabled mode.

The program in action. Displays the classic boss intro from Mega Man 2.


To run the program, double click on the .exe file. A little Mega Man icon will be added to your System Tray. This little icon indicates that the program is running. When you first start it, the effect is setup to be disabled. To enable the effect, click once on the Mega Man icon. The icon should change from a red Mega Man sprite to the normal blue.

Once you have started and enabled the program, when you start another application the effect will temporarily take over and run the animation. To end the animation once it has begun, click the mouse button and you will be returned to the desktop to use your application.

To switch between enabled and disabled, click once on the Mega Man icon in the System Tray.

The program runs silently in the background, meaning you can enable or disable it and immediatly go back to work.

If you want to stop the program from running entirely, right mouse click on the Mega Man icon. He will disappear and the program will end. To start it back up you will have to run it again manually.