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Sons of Prometheus

HQ / Elite / Troops / Fast Attack / Heavy Support

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Terminator Squad #1

Terminator Squad #2


Tactical Squad #1

Tactical Squad #2

Tactical Combat Squad #3

Tactical Combat Squad #4

Scout Squad

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Typhoon

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad #1

Devastator Squad #2


During the 13th black crusade the majority of the Salamanders were stationed on he eastern fringe holding back the Xeno threat of the Tau and Orks. One full company was dedicated to the battle against Horus and the invading heretics, while en route this company was ordered into service under Lord Inquisitor to launch attacks against chaos strong points located behind the main battle lines. During this campaign the Salamanders Company fought along side the inquisitor and his inducted forces fighting along side the grey knights proving their faith in the flames of battle. After the Inquisitors campaign came to an end the company had suffered major losses and the slow process of replenishing the ranks was begun. Threw the acts of faith and courage during the 13th black crusade the decision was made to take an amount of gene seed taken from the fallen to produce a new chapter in the honor of the fallen and to ensure service if ever called into service against heretic forces. The sons of Prometheus Chapter are known threw out the ranks of Inquisitors as devote and efficient force rivaling that of the Grey knights.
“The Heretic will find penance in death, bring them penance.”
Trusts in your battle brother – The Sons of Prometheus have come to trust their holy bolters above all, and have adapted tactics to reflect this.
Purity above all – The Gene seed of the chapter are vital, and losing any can be disastrous. The apothecaries of the chapter are charged with maintaining the Gene seed and ensuring the chapter remains at full fighting efficiency at all times.
Eye to eye – Like their Salamander brethren the Sons of Prometheus prefer a slow steady advance purifying everything as they advance across the field. This can be ruthlessly effective, and dangerously limiting when a rapid attack is required.
Die standing – During their service with the inquisition the large scale lighting raids are normally left up to the grey knights, The Sons of Prometheus Terminators have been known to deep strike along side the holy battle brothers and fight back to back in the thick of combat rivaling the Grey knights in ferocity.
“Cleanse the impure from this field of battle, as the word of the emperor drives fear from your heart.”
On the battle field the Sons of Prometheus believe in the Bolter above all. All special and heavy weapons are taken to complement their ability to lay down a hail of devastation. A common tactic seen displayed in the ranks of the Tactical squads is to bypass firing a heavy weapon in order to advance on the enemy in order to reach an ideal range to engage with bolters. The veterans of the chapter prefer equipping themselves with storm bolters or combi weapons to increase the unit’s effective ness at such ranges.
“Have faith in the Bolter, as you have Faith in the Emperor.”

To The Children of Murder (My Dark Eldar)