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Hrist's Gamer Web Page!

Negativa JAD, SCU Biloxi

Achievement List:

Altered Beast GBA- Collected all 40 guardians, and top score was 2,058,540. (sssswwwwweeeeeettttttt)

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow- Collected all the souls. (Did it on first try).

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow- (coming soon... not really, I haven't even touched this game since it came out...)

Castlevania: Symphomy of the Night- Thing about this data is that I'm re-doing it as we speak, but my old data had almost every item collected, a rating of 199.3% done and to my shock, only a total of 16 hours played. It felt alot longer than that...

Champions Norrath/Arms- Level 65 Female Dark Elf. Level 16 Female Barbarian. Level 45 Female High Elf Cleric. And a Level 33 Female Erudite Wizard.

Darkstalkers 3- Arcade ranking 937,001 with Lord Raptor. I can't seem to get any higher than this.....

Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball- Best time with Hopping Game was 5'6 seconds. Collected and completed Accessory and Item collections (with Tina). Have 250+ suits collected so far for Tina including the Gaia and Venus. Over 400 hours of gameplay. []

Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate- Training (or trying) with Tina. Time attack mode- 2'38''07, Survivor mode- 11647839 points and 100 wins. All costumes for all characters unlocked and CG Gallery unlocked. All items collected including all the rare items. 99 Xboxs and 16 Medal collected. []

Donkey Kong Country GBA- Candy's Dance Studio top score 911,000.

Flicky- Top score 19000+ (I can't remember the exact score).

Ghost in the Shell- Training mode 'S' Ranking with 1,144,700 points.

GTA: Vice City- Sold 286 'special' Ice Cream Cones before getting busted by the police.

Guilty Gear X2- Survivor mode Level 60 (hey! that's pretty fuacking hard to do!) did it with Jam. Collected 57 of the 60 Endings in Story Mode. Arcade Mode top score- 5,419,288. Did it with Brigit.

Guilty Gear X2 #Reloaded- Survivor mode Level 120. Training with SP Brigit.

Guilty Gear X GBA- Tag mode 5,055,000. Survivor mode Level 116.

Guilty Gear Isuka- I haven't been playing this much lately while I have made updates, I'll add them later on. Highest Chain Combo- x50.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2- Arcade ranking was 1,794,587,900 (with Venom/Jill/Venom). Score Attack ranking was erased so I have to do it again later.

P.N.03- All Aegis suits purchaced. All stats maxed out and abilitys bought for each one. Black Bird unlocked and maxed out. Papillon unlocked and maxed out. All endings viewed.

Pump it Up Exceed- I have this on Xbox, but couldn't bring my Xbox with me when I moved, so I bought it for my Ps2, so I really only have 'half' the stats listed. Survival Mode- 61 songs 20,713,000. Favorite songs Mozquito's Eres Para Mi and Novasonic's Another Truth.

Resident Evil 3 (Ps1 version)- Collected all 9 Epilogues Endings and fully completed Mercenaries Mini-game with everything bought and unlocked. Once saved all 5 civilians during Mercenaries Mission.

Rumble Roses- All characters unlocked and all Locker and Beach galleries unlocked. Secret 'Beach Ring' unlocked. Fastest match was 35 seconds. Favorite wrestler, draw between Anesthesia (love that voice) and Showbiz. []

Silent Hill: Restless Dream- Born from a Wish completed in 9 mins and 46 seconds. (fastest recorded time known: 9m 23s)

Silent Hill 3- Have (so far) 12 out of the 15 'Star Goals' completed.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (original Genesis version)- Collected all the Emeralds.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (original Genesis version)- Collected all the Emeralds (with Knuckles).

SSX Tricky- Master ranking with Marisol, 16 gold medals and trick book completed. Top score in Garibaldi- 1,156,200. Biggest spin was an 1800, pulled off 3 uber tricks in one jump, & most uber tricks done in a single run- 38! (yeah baby!).

SSX Tricky GBA- Sensei ranking (13 gold medals and 3 silvers).

SSX 3- Max Stats with Allegra/Marisol. 11.0 Master Ranking. 23 golds, 3 silvers, 3 bronze and 4 platnium medals. Biggest combo- 114x, biggest spin (that was readable)- a 2520. Pulled off 5 uber tricks in one jump, and all Items collected*. []

SSX 3 GBA- Max Stats with Allegra. 9 gold medals and 1 silver. 99% of the game completed and all Big Challanges done.

SSX on Tour- (coming soon)

Tekken 4- I took this down cuz the stats just sucked so bad. Plus I've lost alot of intrest in the game since Tekken 5 came out.

Tekken 5- All costumes, colors and items collected for Christie. Tekken Lord rank with Christie. 60 win non-stop ranking in Arcade Mode (yes I as fighting mostly Tekken Lords) Did that with Eddy. Updated that with a 110 win streak with Christie on 3 round Hard Mode. I probably could have gone longer, but I was too tired. All 'special' costumes purchaced for every character. []

Timesplitters Future Perfect- 56 arcade arwards collected including rare ones like 'Cartographer?' and 'Victim'. 6 gold awards in the statistics stats. Favorite character to use: Lt. Christine Malone.

News, info, current stuff, blah, blah, blah!

Info, current stuff, blah, blah, blah! 7/8
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Basic Info

Tricking out on some serious City of Heroes/Villains business.

Now Playing: COH/COV/KOF XI/Tekken 5/Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection.

Newest games played: KOF XI.

Latest animes seen: He is My Master/Dark Love.

Waiting for: Valkyrie Profile PSP/Silent Hill 5.

Current Projects!

The longest delayed update for this site, spanning up to 4 months!! My bad. I'll trick out the site with lots of new pics and gifs I found, just if I can pull myself from COV and COH long enough to do so.

The Rules of the Game.

Remember, all high scores and ranks here were done without the help of codes, cheats, or a Game Shark/Code Breakers. Only the "real" stuff here! The box [] on the end of a score listed means I'm still trying the beat that current score. Visit again! Get's updated often! I'm always trying to beat my last high score. Take a load off your chest with the guest book or vote the current polls!

My Gamer Profile:

Name- JAD

Gamer Name- JAD, I also go by NegativaJAD when playing online games. And Hrist.

Online- I am currently online with City of Villains and City of Heroes. My screen names are NegativaJAD/PositivaJAD/NME-JAD for COV and JADJAD for COH. Years as a Gamer- 21

Favorite games/series- Silent Hill, Timesplitters, Guilty Gear, Disgaea, Final Fantasy, BloodRayne and DOA X, SSX Tricky, SSX3, Haunting Ground, Rumble Roses, Metal Gear Solid, Space Channel 5 and Unreal just to name a few.

Favorite Retro/Classic games- Skate or Die, Revolution X, Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong Country 2, Castlevania, Streets of Rage 2, Fear Effect, Parappa the Rapper, Um Jammer Lammy, Wild 9 + many others.

Favorite male from a game- Lord Raptor.

Favorite female from a game- Christie Monteiro.

Hobbies and other things I like- Anime, Capoeira, HACS, Chinese food, Hyenas, Penguins, The Ring, The Grudge, Norse Mythology, Japanese Culture, Masami Ohbari films and..... Video Games.

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Links and other things I like. XD

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