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Heliostrapolis Removed

Yes, it links to here. Sorry to dissappoint you.
Like all internet age idiots, I NEED MY OWN WEBPAGE!!! Well this is it, crap though it be. Heliostrapolis Removed is exactly that. What is that you may ask, well, remember Heliostrapolis is the Ether. Love it or hate it. See if I care. Just one more thing, I'm not greek. I stole my name from Daniel Defoe, author of "Robinson Crusoe"

( o Y o )

Aliens have abducted my family. Please donate whatever you can to help fund my interstellar spacecraft with hyperdrive and ion blasters.

I miss them soo much.




Geek humour

Random Shit

Emulator Zone

Emulators Inc.

C64 emulator


Wanna poke the penguin? See how far you can push the little guy.

Awwwww! HEY!

Play Snake or Pacman

What is The Ether?
The theoretical medium through which light propogates. If all matter, antimatter, and energy in the universe were destroyed, the ether would remain.

And in case you own the copyright to anything I have used on this site, consult the Complaints Department

But seeing as how most of the shit I have used is stolen anyway, download if you wish. I really couldn't care less. I could try to care less, if you asked me to, I could try and try and try, I just don't think i would be able to.

This site is cool. Well, not really.


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You just had to keep poking that little guy, didn't you? He was just standing there, minding his own business and then YOU came along. And now look at the poor little guy. Well, I hope your happy. Just remember what happened here today the next time you see a penguin, carrying a guitar case and walking towards you. Go apologize!