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Eraser's Mods

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News: updated 5/28/03

There is a new member, congo, helping with the objects of tamriel now.

SquallTM maybe leaving Tamriel Rebuilt, so I might be left to manage the Objects of Tamriel alone.

I've begun working on the myst recreation section.

I've gotten most of my site back together and began adding to it again.

I'm a reviewer for Tamriel Rebuilt now, so work will be a bit slower now but I'm still working on the objects of tamriel.

Tripod deleted my site so everything is behind. I've merged with SquallTM to make the objects of tamriel and have began changing the site to reflect the project change.

One of my modelers, Karstux will no longer be helping and I now need more help making 3d models

I have found a few modelers for my TR item resource pack. I still need to find a few people to make textures.