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updated: July 14, 2008
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Welcome to DWOLF'S DEN, a webpage dedicated to the hobby of chess set collecting.

Filipino Staunton giant chess set sits on a 23.5-inch square maple and walnut veneer board.


Howdy! I'm Dan Navarro from the great state of Texas. I am a chess player and recently become a collector of chess sets. A credit analyst by training, I have an undergraduate degree in accounting and an MBA in general business. In my spare time I direct local chess tournaments and teach chess to elementary school students.


This webpage was set up to accomplish three things:

  • to track and inventory my collection - complete with pictures and descriptions,
  • to allow fellow collectors to view what I have for sale or exchange, and
  • to entertain and educate the casual visitor about the world of chess set collecting.

Have been a chess player since my early teens back in late 1960s. However, my interest has only recently expanded to collecting chess sets. Back in the spring of 2000 while cleaning out the closet I discovered that over the years I had accumulated eight different sets. Most were tournament-style, Stauntons made of either plastic or wood with a couple of figural sets thrown in. Although a few were gifts, the majority were purchased through the product catalogs of the United States Chess Federation (USCF).

Got bit by the collecting bug later that summer at an open house sponsored by our local chess club. Club members were invited to display their chess sets as part of the event. One item on display was a beautiful set from India carved out of aromatic sandalwood. It depicted the kings as rajahs mounted on elephants and included camels and horses. Had never seen anything like it. I was smitten. But a problem arose - where to get one? Fortunately, USCF offered one identical to it. Although it was a bit pricey, I promptly placed an order for it. When it finally arrived it blew me away! I was hooked and have been collecting ever since.


Using the webpage is easy. Just click the titles of the pages you want to visit.

Enjoy the visit and thanks for stopping by!

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