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It's come to my attention that many people still use this website to form a basis for their decks. Frankly, I'm ecstatic about this - the decks on here have weathered ban lists and multiple new sets, and are apparently still useful. I always knew that the decks were good, but I had no idea they would be useful for so long.

Unfortunately, I have stopped playing Yu-Gi-Oh! College came, along with real life. I haven't picked up a card in roughly two years. Don't worry - this site isn't going anywhere, so feel free to keep using it, but unfortunately I doubt that it will be updated any time soon, as I know far too little of the new themes out there.

I'm sorry for the emails sent to me over the last two years that I never responded to. I switched over to my school email, and didn't log on as often (read: never) as I would have liked to.

I'll be honest and a little egotistical here - this is one of my proudest achievements. I know, it's just a stupid little game website, but it grew far beyond my wildest dreams and has helped countless players build and refine their deck skills. If I had any part of keeping or getting players interested in alternate themes, I've done my part for this game.

Thank you for all the support given to me over the years - this was a sort of a test for myself to see what I could do, and when I suddenly began getting emails from all over the world (NYC, FL, Australia, Europe), it certainly kept me going. Good luck with all your future endeavors, and keep playing around with the metagame :-)


This section is a blog. You can find the most recent updates to the site in this section, for the past 5 or 6 updates at least.

8/14/06 - Okay, So My Battery Died.
I'm not sure why I stopped working on this - I can't remember. Regardless, I knew that the two year birthday of this site was coming, and I wanted to do something big. For now, I'm just playing around with the back stuff, making things smoother and faster. I'm learning CSS, so that should make things go even FASTER once it's all implemented. Hopefully I'll have a nice update tomorrow...we shall see. Regardless of what gets done (or doesn't get done), tomorrow will be a very Happy Birthday for my website :-D

6/10/06 - Keeps Going, and Going, and...
The Batteryman Deck was added last night, and the Dark World Deck was added today. I'll hopefully get the Ninja Deck up soon. Once I'm done with those, then I can begin working on the Fusions, Rituals, and LV Decks. Also, I removed all of the old blog posts that said anything about previous updates. Everything on the front page is updated, so I just kept the posts where I delinked things.

6/9/06 - New Stuff!
I updated the Amazoness deck, and I've changed the RFG Deck to the Macro Cosmos deck. I've also added the Water Dragon deck, and within the next few hours I'll have a Dark World, Batteryman, and Ninja deck on the site. Feedback is always welcome! :-D

6/8/06 - Front Page Complete
Everything on the front page is DONE! Well, almost. I have the Amazoness Deck made, I just need to post it and update the explination, and then I need to do the RFG and REBD Decks. But those will be done tomorrow, and then I'm going to add a few new decks before tackling the Fusion, Ritual, and Level Up Decks.

5/31/06 - Memo
Hey everyone, just making a quick update. Once I finish updating every deck on here, I'm going to begin building new decks. I have a whole bunch lined up to be put on here, so I'm just going to list them here so everyone knows what's coming:
End of the World/Demise
Silent Magician
Reshef the Dark Being




This website was created for help with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game on August 15, 2004 (8/15/04). A year later, on August 10, 2005 (8/10/05), the format of the site was changed and a sidebar was added.

While I don't mind people using these decks for reference, or even using the exact thing, I will NOT stand for people claiming "OMG I MADE THIS DECK MYSELF YOU STOLE IT FROM ME!!!" If I use anyone's deck on here, I have obtained their permission, and they are mentioned on the deck page. Thank you for your cooperation.