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It's alive!  On your computer or on the internet, virtual creatures roam...  Each with its own charms.  From the realistic to the fantastic, these cyber critters can help children learn responsibility or allow people to enjoy the company of simulated creatures.  Some virtual life games excel in realism, such as the Aquazone fishes or Pinna birds.  Others contain lots of games and ways to communicate with other gamers and pass time, such as Neopets.  Some require a great deal of strategy to do more than care for a lifeform but rather run a household (Sims) or zoo (Zoo Tycoon).  Then there are the cyber critters that require little care at all and exist only to play and entertain with their antics like Petz, MeowPal, and others.

There are computer lifeforms for all ages and all interests, so perhaps you will find the companion, challenge, or game you desire.

Not real organisms, but an incredible simulation!

My Top 10 Picks:
***Petz -- probably the greatest virtual pet game ever, for its one-of-a-kind style, breeding, and community
***The Sims -- incredibly addictive life simulator
***Zoo Tycoon -- a challenging management game for animal lovers
**Aquazone -- real genetics and amazingly accurate aquarium simulation
**Pinna -- Gorgeous game with stunning realism
**Sprite Life -- they just seem so alive
*3D Pets -- a game with charm and autonomy (unfortunately not for XP users...)
*Neopets -- great for passing time online, and it's free
*Babyz -- the best cyber baby around
*AquaReal -- amazing screensaver and dynamic desktop

This site is a work in progress.  Pages will be added as I try out more games. ;-)  The links page is a good place to get right to the games!