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Ulysses' Challenge #3
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(Who is Ulysses?)

The Knight's Tour

Ulysses' challenge for you this month:  beginning on the f3 square, move your knight progressively around the board, as knights move, touching each square only once, and finishing back where you started on f3.  There is more than one possible sequence for the solution!  

The first student from each Chess Odyssey club to send Ulysses the correct solution before the 5/23/03 deadline will win a prize.  In addition, every Chess Odyssey student who submits a solution will earn 2 points, or a possible 5 points if Ulysses agrees that your solution is correct.  If you're not a Chess Odyssey student, feel free to send us your answer also (though prizes are only for those in our programs)--we'll be happy to let you know how you did.

You can either print the puzzle, fill it out and turn it in at club or mail it (with your name and return address!) to Chess Odyssey, 2373 NW 185th, #261 Hillsboro, OR 97124, or you can type your moves in an email and send it here.

Note:  This particular puzzle is fun to try, but it's a hard one!  If no student is able to complete the solution, prizes will be awarded (per club) to the student who gets the farthest in the process.  

Solution to Ulysses' Challenge #3

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