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Ulysses' Challenge #1

(Who is Ulysses?)

It's White's move in the apparently simple position below.  If both sides play their best moves, can White force a win, or can Black hold the draw?  You'll need to list a series of moves supporting your answer.  Email your response to Ulysses here by 3/21/03.  

The first student from each Chess Odyssey club to send Ulysses the correct answer before the deadline will win a prize.  In addition, every Chess Odyssey student who submits a solution will earn 2 points, or a possible 5 points if Ulysses agrees that your solution is correct.  If you're not a Chess Odyssey student, feel free to send us your answer also (though prizes are only for those in our programs), and we'll be happy to let you know how you did.

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Solution to Ulysses' Challenge #1

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