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2004 Chess Odyssey Winter Olympics Team Tournament Results

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Best T-Shirt or Logo Trophy - Cooper Mountain Chess Club
Best Team Name Trophy - Ultimately Gifted Legendary Youth ("Team U.G.L.Y.")
Odyssey Award (traveled farthest) - Lynden (WA) High School "Chess Slammers"
Olympic Spirit (Team) Trophy - Lake Oswego Junior "Sailors"
Olympic Spirit (Individual) Trophy - Kevin Oliver

Winners - Olympians Section (Open)

Gold Medalists - Tigard High School "Ben's Cranium-Blessed Club"
(Blake Phillips, Colin Field-Eaton, Ben Reshey, Connor Fatland)
Silver Medalists - Westside Homeschool Chess Odyssey-A "King Whackers"
(Daniel Gay, Patrick Gay, David Rosenbaum, John Mercer)
Bronze Medalists - Lynden High School "Chess Slammers"
(Lane Van Weerdhuizen, Ry Entrikin, Ben Zupke, David Preszler)

Board #1 Best Score Trophy - Blake Phillips (Tigard High School) 
      Board #2 Best Score Trophy - Colin Field-Eaton (Tigard High School)
Board #3 Best Score Trophy - Ben Reshey (Tigard High School)    
   Board #4 Best Score Trophy - John Mercer (Westside Homeschool)

Winners - Heroes Section (Team Rating Under 3600)

Gold Medalists - Hazelbrook (Tualatin) "Olive Flowers"
(Kevin Oliver, Vido Flores, Via Flores, Andrie Flores)
Silver Medalists - Mountain View (Corvallis) "Checkmates"
(Nathan Brumbaugh, Mitchel Button, Nicholas & Alexander Vincent-Hill)
Bronze Medalists - Westside Homeschool Chess Odyssey-B
(Nathan Porter, Joel Porter, Noah Holte, Lars Holte)

Board #1 Best Score Trophy - Eddie Wang (Jacob Wismer) 
Board #2 Best Score Trophy - Vido Flores (Hazelbrook)        
              Board #3 Best Score Trophy - Carl Cota-Robles (French American)
Board #4 Best Score Trophy - Ryan Scott (King's Way)         

Winners - Warriors Section (Unrated/Provisionally Rated)

Gold Medalists - Portland Chess Club
(Benjamin Pikus, Alex Piatski, Duncan Wade, Aaron Pikus)
Silver Medalists - Cooper Mountain "KingFischers"
(Nathanael Doogan, Jason Lee, Grant Baker, Devin Li)
Bronze Medalists - Archer Glen "Eagles"
(Spencer LaFarge, Jacob Brooks, Philip Weiss, Nick Rowlands)

Board #1 Best Score Trophy - Spencer LaFarge (Archer Glen)       
Board #2 Best Score Trophy - Alex Piatski (Portland Chess Club)
 Board #3 Best Score Trophy - Philip Weiss (Archer Glen)                 
 Board #4 Best Score Trophy - Aaron Pikus (Portland Chess Club)

Found Items (notify us with an accurate description & we'll deliver)

1 - jacket
1 - sweatshirt
1 - knit cap
1 - small magnetic chess piece