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The United States Tarot Association

La Association États-uniene de Tarot


Tarot cards were intended for card games.

Be a part of the Tarot revolution!

Join the forum of the USTA- United States Tarot Association(English Español Français)

Value of the Cards
  • Oudlers/Bouts (21, Petit, Excuse)=4.5 each
  • Rois/Kings=4.5 each
  • Dames/Queens=3.5 each
  • Cavaliers/Knights=2.5 each
  • Valets/Jacks=1.5 each
  • Others=0.5 each

    FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions
    Rules of the Game (English)
    Logiciels-Computer & Online Playing
    Bidding and Signalisation
    glossary (under construction)
    Atouts (Trumps)
    Austrian-Czech Games
    Italian Swiss Games
    Play ANY card game in real time over the internet
    Yahoo Group-TarotTarock &Tarocchi (English)
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    United States Tarot Association
    Association États-uniene de Tarot