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Aerowyn Software

This site is dedicated to games for the Palm OS. Most games here are freeware, and there are free demos for the games that are commercial software. Click the links of the pictures to begin the download.

If you have a request for a game or utility, e-mail it to the developer for a custom-developed program.

Aerowyn Software has partnered with many other popular sites for handheld software. Click the links below to view our products on those sites.


Aero: Wind Warrior

Demo Full
A very fast-paced first-person sidescrolling game where you defeat an alien invasion using impressive unarmed combat skills and flying ability. Combat techniques include basic punches but also tornado kick, drop kick, and the fabled flying cyclone kick. Over 300 still-motion pictures combine to create this animation masterpiece with a breathtaking array of environments and backgrounds. Follow the wind warrior named Aero on his first mission "The Truth Untold" through 8 levels, 65 different screens, and encounter over 15 types of enemies. The storyline is based on a book still unreleased and includes characters from another creator entirely. Truly, it is the best Aerowyn Software has ever created.
Coming soon . . . Wind Warrior II: The Battle Unseen. Preview included in zip file.


Wind Warrior II: sneak peek

This future game is still being created, but a short demo of the two main character's range of motion has been compiled. To our knowledge, no handheld game has ever had such a wide variety of motions as these games. The choreography is developed by martial artists, although some motions are impossible for any human alive. For instance, the "flying cyclone kick" requires the ability of flight, only possessed by the character in the game. Enjoy the demo, the full game is expected soon.

Wind Warrior Cheat

Demo Full
This is a cheat that simply will bring your character in the game up to the last level and boost your energy by 50 and your health adjusted accordingly, each time you use it. If you have tampered with the database this will fix what you may have done.



Demo Full
A triangular puzzle game that is both challenging and easy to learn, you can play against any of your friends or an advanced AI computer opponent.
The gameplay is simple, but the strategy is every bit as complex as chess. The object of the game is to fill in circles that make up a triangle, one each turn while alternating with your opponent, until it is completely filled. If a player finishes a row in any of the three directions, they receive points for every circle used. The player with the most points at the end wins.


The classic game is now in color! Fly your colored ribbon through a dangerous rainbow cave while avoiding the obstacles. Press any button to ascend, and let go to descend. It may be tricky at first, but it is addictive. Try to get the best high score.
Unlike the original, this game requires a processor of 100 megahertz or better to function at the right speed. And a color screen helps.


Aim and fire a beam to rebound off of as many walls as possible to hit a target. You may also place an obstacle to further divert the beam. Try to beat the computer in a five-round match. Overall, it is the most unique game by Aerowyn Software.


Trade cards from your hand for ones from the pile until they add up to 23 or -23, before the computer does it first. Two boxes moniter your progress, showing your total and the amount you need to win. Demo does not include the boxes and has a slightly easier computer opponent, but is otherwise the same. Simple to learn, difficult to master, this game will provide entertainment for years. Construct your own deck and play with your friends. Watch out, it is surprisingly addictive! Game runs in 16-bit color or 4-bit greyscale.


No pong remake is equal to Ping. Variable AI levels, persistent scoring, adjustible background colors, high resolution, flying sparks and quick action that just keeps speeding up set this version above the rest.


The object of the game is to maneuver around many walls to fall to the bottom of the screen before you are pushed out. The game has 2 high scores, one for surviving the longest and one for the quickest completion. This game is freeware, so beam it to anyone and everyone with no charge. Runs in 4-bit greyscale and 8-bit or greater color.

All games here are the property of Aerowyn Software and are provided without any warranty.