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Zvi Mowshowitz: Published Articles

This page eventually contain all the articles I've written on the web that I was able to locate, with the exception of event coverage. All Dojo articles are accessed via the Wayback Machine. I hope you find it helpful. If you find any additional articles that are not listed here and are more than a week or so old, please e-mail me with the url. The only important things missing are my articles for New Wave, which no longer seems to have them in its archives.

Tournament Reports:
From Brainburst:
PT San Diego
GP Houston
GP Vegas (TurboLand PSA)
From The Sideboard:
Invitational Sydney
From Mindripper:
PTNY Part 1
PTNY Part 2
GP Denver
Worlds 2001 Day 1
Worlds 2001 Day 2
Worlds 2001 Day 3
US Nationals 2001 Day 1
US Nationals 2001 Day 2
PT Tokyo Part 1
PT Tokyo Part 2
Grudge Match 2
PT Chicago Part 1
PT Chicago Part 2
GP Manchester Part 1
GP Manchester Part 2
Worlds 2000 Day 1
Worlds 2000 Day 2
Worlds 2000 Day 3
US Nationals 2000 Day 2
US Nationals 2000 Day 1
PTNY 2000 Part 1
PTNY 2000 Part 2
Invitational KL Part 1
Invitational KL Part 2
Invitational KL Part 3
Invitational KL Part 4
Invitational KL Part 5
From New Wave, via Brainburst
PT London Part 1
PT London Part 2
Part 3 of the London Report is Missing. Part 4 was never written. Ignore the part numbers on the articles.
From The Dojo:
PT Rome
GP Boston
Random Tournament (5CW)

Deck and Constructed Format Analysis:
From Brainburst:
Mind Games 2
Mind Games
Fat Crank (Regionals 2001)
From The Sideboard:
Turboland vs. The World
The Solution Part 1 (IBC)
The Solution Part 2 (IBC)
The Solution Part 3 (IBC)
Red/Green (IBC)
B/U and B/W (Invasion/Planeshift)
B/U/W and B/R/U (Invasion/Planeshift)
B/R (Invasion/Planeshift)
G/R (Invasion/Planeshift)
My Fires: Part 1
My Fires: Part 2
My Fires: Part 3
My Fires: Part 4
My Fires: Part 5
My Fires: Part 6
My Fires: Conclusion
Force of Will (old 1.x)
Tradewind-Survival and Trix (old 1.x)
Breaking Out TurboLand
From Mindripper:
Son of Hermit (2000 Standard)
Replenish Matchup Guide Part 1 (2000 Standard)
Replenish Matchup Guide Part 2 (2000 Standard)
Accelerated Blue and Variants at Regionals (2000 Standard)
Replenish at Regionals (2000 Standard)
Rising Waters Part 1 (MM/Nemesis Constructed)
Rising Waters Part 2 (MM/Nemesis Constructed)
Matchup Analysis: Replenish vs. Accelerated Blue (2000 Standard)
Replenish Part 1(2000 Standard, Pre-Regionals)
Replenish Part 2(2000 Standard, Pre-Regionals)
Replenish Part 3(2000 Standard, Pre-Regionals)
Accelerated Blue Part 2(2000 Standard,Pre-Regionals)
Accelerated Blue Part 1(2000 Standard,Pre-Regionals)
Matchup Analysis: Maher Oath Mirror
From New Wave, via Brainburst:
Green Control (Urza's Block)
From The Dojo:
Lessons of the Squee Deck
Stompy (1999 Chicago 1.x)
Testing Oath of Druids
Suicide Brown 1
Suicide Brown 2
Suicide Brown 3
Building Blue Control
History of Chicken Little
States Preview 1999
The Fundamental Turn
Deck Clinic: CounterPheonix
Deck Clinic: US in 6th Edition
Deck Clinic: WW
The Original Deck Clinic Announcement
Welcome to High Tide
Dojo Drift
An Old Wacko Stompy
Response to a 'green is bad' rant Post 1
Response to a 'green is bad' rant Post 2
The TurboZvi FAQ

Set and Card Reviews:
From The Sideboard:
Odyssey: Threshold, Part 1
Odyssey: Threshold, Part 2
Odyssey: Flashback
Apocalypse: Painlands
Invasion: Teferi's Moat
Invasion: Sterling Grove
Invasion: Fact or Fiction
Invasion: Teferi's Response
From Mindripper:
Apocalypse Part 1
Apocalypse Part 2
Planeshift Part 1
Planeshift Part 2
Planeshift Part 3
Invasion Blue Part 1
Invasion Blue Part 2
From The Dojo:
MM 7
MM 6
MM 5
MM 4
MM 3
MM 2
MM 1
Urza's Legacy 1
Urza's Legacy 2
Urza's Legacy 3
Urza's Legacy 4
Urza's Saga Part 1
Urza's Saga Part 2
Urza's Saga Part 3
Urza's Saga Part 4
Urza's Saga Part 5
Urza's Saga Part 6
Urza's Saga Part 7
Urza's Saga Part 8
Urza's Saga Part 9
Exodus Part 1
Exodus Part 2
Exodus Part 3
Exodus Part 4
Exodus Part 5
Exodus Part 6

From The Sideboard:
Odyssey Rochester 4
Odyssey Rochester 3
Odyssey Rochester 2
Odyssey Rochester 1
Draft Analysis: PTLA 2000 Top 8
The Law of Diminishing Returns (Invasion)
The Rule (Invasion)
From Mindripper:
Understanding Rochester Draft
Constructing a MM Sealed Deck
From The Dojo:
In Defense of Sealed Deck
Urza's Saga Sealed

Magic Humor:
From Brainburst:
Invitational South Africa
From Mindripper:
Mafia King for Regionals!

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