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Hello and welcome to Strategy for Total War, In here you'll find a thorough look at each individual unit in Medieval Total War. Of course their being over 100 units,It will take some time to do every single one, yet I'm committed. I've also seen the Medieval: Total War Strategy Guide and heres * reasons why mines better.

1. Mines more comphrehensive, and gives much more information

2. Mines 100% unbias

3. Mine is free



News Oct 7

6 new units up ( Bulgarian Brigands, Almohad Urban Militia, Gothic Sergeants, Gothic Knights, Bedouin Camel Warriors, and Ghulam Cavalry) that means 24 are finished. Also the Unit Awards and Feedback page are up as well. Unit Awards is a little obssessive page which gives awards for the most powerful and valuable units in each category.

News Oct 5

Site up today, 18 units are ready, and only 80 something left. Every other page (Strategy, Unit Awards, Links, and Feedback) aren't there because I've spent all my time with the unit guide.That's also the reason this site looks very simple, it only took me 15 minutes for the template to be done. Expect a total redesign soon.