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The Date Is :

I don't know if any of you can do this or not, but for Josh (Clan Leader), it is a great accomplishment. He now has a new record for himself on crazy crates. He collected 357 crates, and stayed on the landscape for 23:53 without hurting his worm at all. Congratulations!
If you would like to download any clan flags, graves etc....(DOESN'T ALWAYS WORK) Or chat with other logged on members, plus other cool stuff, please visit our THW Web Community page in our links section at the top of the page! If you have problems downloading the flags, or graves, or anything else, please e-mail the clan and if you want, we could probably even e-mail you some files!
New Worms League!!!
There is a new worms league availible for use! It is for anyone who plays worms! It's called I.C.L.(International Clan League). Please try it out! It's basically the same format as CL2K, but I like it better personally! However, it needs more members! Please join the league! You do not have to quit your clan. All it is, is a ranking system basically, or ladder, or league. (Note: You probably want to sign-up for the Intermediate part of the league!) It is on the right side of the ICL page in about the middle of the side of the page.
Getting New Members
We have been getting many new members lately! Well, "let's keep 'em comin"! Remember, if you find someone who says that they would like to join the clan, all you have to do is send their e-mail address to us and we will talk to them about it.
THWSF - THW Special Forces
We also have a new service availible called "The Holy Warriors Special Forces". This force is to help protect the members of THW from annoying, and rude wormers who are bothering us. If you would like to read more about them, or find out some more info on T.H.W.S.F., then you should visit the page that we have created in the links list. Also, the "Special Forces'" members will have a special star symbol next to their name on the members list so you will know who they are.

If you are a member of the THW worms clan, please add our clan's tag to the end of your wormnet sign-on name. For example, if your original name that you use was Jimmy, then you would add the THW tag (xTHWx), which would make it come out as JimmyxTHWx. When using the tag on your name you don't have to add the x's. It just looks better than JimmyTHW. Most clans use them. But please, in some way or another, add the THW tag to your wormnet name! Josh signs on wormnet very often and checks to see if any of our members are on while he is. If so, he will probably say hi, and maybe invite you to a game. If he see's you without, well... It may not be pretty.... So just please add it! Thanks! ^_^
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