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Please be aware that The Lunatic Players Improv Troupe is no longer operative. The President and Founder is currently searching for FUNDS and cities to operate this remarkable, outreaching program. It is no longer based on Long Island. If you have any questions or any ways of helping to put this improv troupe in a city near you, please email the troupe's President.

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The President/Founder

About the Lunatic Players®

The Lunatic Players® is an improv troupe designed with the community in mind. The troupe seeks to help children and others stricken with illness and/or pain by bringing them entertainment and gifts.

Composed of over 20 members, the troupe strives to entertain the ill. The team also performs for others and fellow members of the community.

Meet the Lunatic Players®


Vice President




Public Relations Coordinator

The Players

Improv Games

The Lunatic Players® perform and/or rehearse over 200 improv games. They showcase games that you have seen on the hit show, Who's Line is it Anyway? and some you have not.

For a list and pictures of the games played by The Lunatic Players® click here.

The Lunatic Players Outreach Program®

The Lunatic Players® perform community service on a regular basis for children's hospitals and elderly care facilities in the community to bring joy to their lives. If you would like for the troupe to perform for you as part of cummunity service, please email with telephone number, location, and ideas and someone from the troupe will contact you with further information.

To learn more about the program, visit The Lunatic Players Outreach Program® page here.