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Hey there and welcome to the downloads page. Yes everything is free and you don't have to be like "I don't beleive you one bit." Well believe us, because everything is very free just like the good ol USA. Also, if you don't want to download all the cars in the car pack, go here and download each indiviually. But they don't have all the cars. Click here for the orange VW Van (its under frebies!) and here for the VW bug. Don't forget to read the stories in the Us page.... See ya later!

Emico's Lake House

Recently featured on The Sims Resource!

About the house: My best friend and The Angry Beavers inspired this creation. Because, you know how their house is like in the middle of the lake? I sincerely hope you enjoy it. This house requires vacation, hot date, and the normal sims.

Emico's Parking Lot House

Recently featured on the sims resource! Download

About the house: Ever heard of Flonase? Well, in their ads, they have a picture of a house (see above) in a parking lot with a swingset and picnic table outside. It says, you don't have to go to these extremes to beat allergies. But since Sims can't get Flonase, I made this house for you to releive your allergies. Cars are not included in the zip file. If the house is dirty, sorry! My sims used it some. Well, one died so I guess you could say one is tryin to catch some zzzz's now. This house requires all expansion packs.

Emico Wooded House


About the house: Yeah my third uploaded house! I hope you like it. For all slow comps, don't bother downloading it because your game will go as slow as molasses. The trees really make it go slllllooooowwwww. So you might be roughin it with only a cot, a dresser, a table and a fridge in this teeny weeny house. This also has a fire outside and you'll need House Party for that. This house requires all expansion packs.

Emico Boathouse

Recently featured on the sims resource! Download

About the house: If you have a tight budget and can't afford to buy a mansion then this small but luxurious boathouse is right for you. Sleeps two if one sleeps on the couch and feeds two. This one is simple. All you need is the sims, hot date and vacation. Enjoy it!

Sonica's Green Pinball Machine


About the object: The first lovely creation from Sonica to be posted on The Sims Resource, here it is in its spledor without having to search through tons of pages. Thank you for downloading it.Ignore the readme email adress, I had it changed to

Emico Rainbow Couch


About the object: First of all, I want to give credit to for this couch base. Without them, this space would be the rainbow sarrbach. (OOOOpPPPss! Gave it away.) I hope you and your 6 sims enjoy this item.

Rainbow Chair Set

Download the set

About this object: click download to get all of these chairs.Now each chair is selectable if you do not want one or another. Click the picture to get it. By sonica.

Space Age Chair


About this item: this took about five seconds using Adobe Photoshop 5. by sonica

Emico Green Flamingo


About this item. Man, it took forever!! No not really but I hope you like green flamingoes. If you read the readme it says the house sleeps two if one sleepes on the couch, just ignore that. I made it for a house but now its universal for all my objects. Enjoy! For this item you need: The Sims.

Space Age Egg Chair


About this object: made by sonica, this space age egg chair is sure to delight any youngster. It is made from new space age materials. For this item you need: The Sims, Livin Large.

Space Age End Table


About this object: this end table is made from space age materials and is unbreakable and is perfect to hold clocks and such. Made by sonica. For this item you need: The Sims.

Space Age Pool Ladder


About this object: a simple non-slip, lifesaving pool ladder. Without one your sims will simply drown. Made by sonica. For this item you need: The Sims.

Aqua House 1000!


About this house: It is very cool and I suggest you download it. P.s, If you wish to have more fun with this house, click here to go to Cheapfrills and download a lilo (float) to sleep on. If you'd like, you can delete the beds and the tile space and add the lilos(floats) for beds. Have fun!

Fairywitch & Ikbod Sims Encylopedia Simmanica


About this item: This item comes from Fairywitch & Ikbod Sims, one of my favorite sites. Go here for their site. This item is hacked and lets you research all stats just look at the picture to see what it does. All you need for this item is the sims.

Car Pack


About these items: I got a lot of emails regarding cars in the picture of my parking lot house, and you asked me where I got them. Well, I went out and put all the cars in one car pack and am putting it up for download. I give the creators full credit for this item and if you made the item, good job! I really love your cars! This pack includes the blue moving van, the orange VW van ( the trailer ( and the aqua bug. (7ds)

Blue Toilet Stall


About this item: Its blue with a green toilet bowl. You need only hot date or the maxis potty pack. Get it by clicking here

Blue, Black and White TV


About this item: Blue bigscreen TV from the past white a black and white screen. You need only the sims.

Circle Garden House


About this house: Sorry it took a while making it. If you have any ideas please send them to me! I need more ideas so I can please everybody. Send them to and if you have a question about objects, All you need is the Sims, but the slide is from Vacation. Try to just kind of ignore it if you don't have Vacation. P.s I tried to make it user firendly and I wanted to use every penny of the money so I bought the slide. Oh well. :)

Mountain House


About this house: Took a very long time! If flowers are dead, I'm sorry. If there are dirty dishes, I'm sorry. Anything wrong, I'm sorry. =3 (My new symbol) I hope you like it!