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This is my tools page. These are utilities I've developed (often with help from other forum members) to manage objects and AI meshes. Check back often, you never know what you'll find here!

TIMtoE -  Convert Thief3 Static Meshes to .E format. Finish the conversion to 3DS using Eto3DS (In the "Free The Objects" toolkit).

MeshFix  - Upgrade and tweak the Illumination and Transparency of your custom AI meshes

General Purpose Motion Database Thief 2 - Expanded motions for T2 users. This will be available for TG and TDP shortly.

Meshscale - This tool is used to resize AI or objects, usually objects with joints that don't scale properly in Dromed.

Free The Objects - Version 3.0. - This tool kit consists of 3 tools. 

Motion Database Work  - Thanks to Weyoun and Zygoptera from TTLG. I've decomposed the motion database to show us all of the valid combinations of tags we can play with. Get your copy here...

Motion Database Tools. - The Motion Database Editor, Motion DB dumper, and some basic directions

Thief TDP Motion Schemas. - Original Thief motion schema

Thief Gold Motion Schemas. - Thief Gold motion schema

Thief 2 Motion Schemas . - Thief 2 motion schema

SS2 Motion Schemas - Motion schema for SS2