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I've started a new page which includes new AI, as well as the existing stuff I've got. I've included the "Tormentor" AI here (with and without the axe), as well as the newly reconstituted Burrick models.

Burricks - Finally, I've re-constituted the burricks. Here's the .3ds, .e, and .bin and .cal files, all zipped up. Yes, it includes the burrick model with it's mouth open too!

Tormentor - I got this guy from a Half-Life site, and was able to modify him to work in Thief. Credits to the original creator "Tormentus". Includes the Tormentor with and without a battle axe, as well as the battle axe model itself.

Converted AI Meshes. These are the available AI for Thief Gold and Thief II. I've already done the conversion, you just need to extract the gif files (from mesh.crf) to skin them. These AI do not include the binary only models, just the ones that had the RTG files available.

Thief Gold AI meshes

Thief II AI meshes