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Oren's 9850 Site

The programs on my site are unique, fast, fun, and take up as little memory as possible. The games are great for passing those insanely boring classes/lectures, and the programs are all fast, small, and efficient.

All of my stuff here is guaranteed to be bug-free, and if you have a problem, it is most likely a setting on your calculator that is conflicting with the program. Email me (below) and I'll tell you how to fix it.


All the programs here are in .cat format, the one recognized by the official Casio link program. Whether you have an Fa-122 cable or not, you should download the FA-122 Link Program , then download the programs you want, open them in the editor, and either print the code, or send it on the cable.

I recently (well not so recently) added a page with flash movies and the like. While having nothing to do with calculators, they're really cool, and worth looking at.

If you have a question, want to tell me what you think of my stuff, or want me to post something of yours (include flash and files please e-mail me at My Email.

There are four parts to my site: Games, Programs(mostly math), Links, PC Utilities, and , Flash/Extra

I sure hope this site has been as helpful to you as my programs have been to me, I noticed on the counter the other day that I had more than million hits... I never thought...
Have a good one, and thanks. -Oren

Updated on 6-12-06