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Welcome to the Unofficial Mission website, this site will give you the latest news on the brand new CCG, Mission. We will have contests, tournaments, meetings, and much more. This site will be updated every week giving you the news, pictures, meetings, and rules.

Update June 13: I have added a Messageboard this way you can talk about the game, tell me what you think about the site, and when we start the tournament you can make challenges. Clash of the Kingdoms sign up will end June 30 make sure to sign up. To learn more about the tournament please go to this link Tournament

Future Projects

Right now our projects are to get pictures and new information up as soon as possible. Plus I'm working on getting a message board on this site to talk about the game.

The Unofficial Mission Website's Mission

I believe in serving the needs of Mission players. If there is anything you have a problem with on the site I will do my very best at fixing it. I hope you will enjoy the changes to these pages in the next few months. And I hope they help you understand and love the Mission CCG more than you ever have.

Updated: June 13, 2003

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