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So what's up? Where'd they go, and what was that weird message?

History of Hyrule, and the server it was on, were pretty much shut down by hackers Sunday the 21st of December. -No worries, everything will be back up as soon as possible- This includes all the other sites on the same server: Legends of Zelda -our host, Independent Zelda, The Adventure of Hyrule, Zelda no Densetsu, and probably few others. Since History of Hyrule is a url re-direct, I can bring you this message, my real site is actually located at I hope all returns to normal soon, and if you go to any of these sites and get a strange pop-up window asking you to hit certain keys on your key board -Don't do it. Instead, shut down and then restart your computer -either get virus scanning software, or look for info on a "Trojan" called JS/NoClose and how to remove it from your PC. Once again, it's no big deal, just something you might like to know about. One other small note: The url will be working before is, because changing the re-direct update isn't instant, but will always stay the main url ;)

Here are some Christmas Wallpapers to cheer you up:

If you are following a link or image to, that site has become this one. Please keep or change your links to