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Joining the Game
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Joining the Game

To join the game, please send a small sample of your writing to We're not trying to be elitist, but it actually does take quite a bit of work to integrate a new player into the game, and it serves both of us to make sure we'll be a good fit for each other. You can also visit our web site on Yahoo Groups: Little Totterington.

Part of the previous story is here to show you what this game is like. We usually have between 60 and 150 posts each month, so be prepared!

This game is light on rules and heavy on imagination. There will be no dice throwing or table lookups. Instead, the rules are meant to give us a similar framework from which to work from. In fact, players that are new to the Storyteller system and Mage the Ascension but have a knack for good writing are encouraged to join!