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 A pawn. ---> Kind of symbolic, as I plan on dedicating most of this site to end-games & endings. (index.2.gif, 03 KB)
( A pawn.)

  A.J. Goldsby I   


  End-games ... plus  GREAT PLAYERS!  


This was the temporary home of my  <big>  Angel-Fire chess website for a few days.   ( "Big,"  = ) 
I had "corrupted" that site and did not know how to fix it. So, for just a few days ... I moved it here.  Initially, I was not sure of what I was going to utilize this space for.

  (I have now decided to try and make this the home of an extensive on-line end-game school!  Later ...  I may also add some pretty and interesting end-game studies.)     

I need your help!!   I have many bills that are directly connected to my many Internet sites. (ISP services, software needed to create the pages that you seem to like, phone bills, a monthly bill for my main web site, etc.) Would you consider sending a donation? I suggest 25-35 dollars a year. But even if you could only send a few dollars in an envelope, it would mean a great deal to me. 

Help make this a better site!  Please send a donation, (or a contribution);  today! 

A.J. Goldsby I  (e-mail me here)  
P.O. Box  11718
Pensacola, FL  32524 

  (My thanks to everyone who has sent something!) 

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  Important Message  

Feb. 16th, 2003:  After several straight computer crashes, I am finally back on line. (Apparently Windows '98 died on me. I had to upgrade to Windows XP.) Many of you sent me material, questions, endgames, etc. Thanks to the computer crashes, much of this information is ... GONE!!  If you would like to re-send it, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I will not be able to retrieve this information. 

  Chess Journalists of America  

This distinguished body of experienced journalists has chosen to honor this site with the following  award: 

BEST Web-based Analysis!  (For the year, 2004.) 

For the following game:  David Janowski versus Frank J. Marshall;  ICT / Cambridge Springs, 1904. 

(My deepest and sincerest thanks!!!) 


I just got an e-mail from a fairly  well-known IM  ...  he also has a regular column in one {relatively large} news-paper.  

This is what he said about my prize-winning analysis: 

 "Dear A.J. - -  Great job of analysis, ..."    (He went on to praise my work in some detail.)  
(I asked him for permission to use his name ... however he declined for reasons that I will not divulge here.)  
 Saturday; October 24th, 2004.


Mark Weeks  provides the following  information. 

The CJA awards generated some recent controversy. Writing in  < Chess Notes, #3157: Awards, (see archives); > 
English chess historian,  Edward Winter  condemned the CJA as: 

<< a dazzlingly undemanding body with a track-record of dispensing hundreds of awards, often to self-nominees with no realistic hope of an accolade from elsewhere. The winners read like a "Who’s Who," of persons who deserve absolutely nothing. The one blot on the CJA’s copybook is that a few deserving chess writers have, just occasionally over the years, found their way onto the prize-list. >>  

CJA President Daniel Lucas defended the awards in a recent issue of the CJA's in-house publication The Chess Journalist. After comparing Winter to film maker Woody Allen on Oscar night, the column President's Message continued:  "Can Winter truly believe our prize winners 'deserve nothing'? Why? Because we don't meet his ivory-tower standards? What does he mean by 'no realistic hope of an accolade from elsewhere'? If not us, then who? We are the only show in town."  


Here is what a few friends, chess contacts, and other people had to say about the great  Mr. Edward Winter: 
(I give no names ... simply because I do not wish for these people to endure any backlash because of my web sites.)   

Thursday;  November 11th, 2004.  


One well-known chess player recently wrote me and suggested that I remove the above piece. I declined on the grounds that Mr. Winter's tyranny (of pen) and criticism of others cries out to be addressed ... and rebutted.  Saturday; March 18th, 2006. 

My Favorite things about   Angelfire.    

Good Web Sites: (for web-masters)
Angelfire - Free Home Pages
Free Web Building Help
Angelfire HTML Library
htmlGEAR - free polls, guestbooks, and more!

    My Web Sites: (for chess) 
             (The short  List of my chess Websites)

  1. My FABULOUS (& BIG!) Geo-Cities (Chess) Web Site!!!  
    I think this is the nicest, private [chess] web page on the Internet!!)

  2. My nice (big, chess) web-site on Angelfire.
    (Features the BEST Annotated Chess Game  ...  on the whole Internet!!!! Many other features too!!) 
     (A French Chess Organization has named this as one of the finest sites on the web!!!)  

  3. My "Chess Downloads" web-site.
    (Lots of cool stuff here now! You should really check this one out. This site is now home to many great annotated games!! )

  4.  My    "HUMAN's HOME PAGE."    Check this out ... it is pretty cool!!!
     (ALL the Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz and ALL the Kasparov vs. Deep Junior games are covered here ... 
       and they are DEEPLY annotated!!!  Plus Kasparov vs. Fritz_X3D!

  5.  I now have my own DOMAIN!!!    Your really have to  CHECK THIS OUT!!!     

  6.   NICE   See the articles   that I am planning to write for  "CV-Chess."    
      Click  HERE!!    
    (This was supposed to be a monthly feature.)  

  7.  My little website for   ...   "The Game of The Month."    Its pretty good, so  ... (please)   TAKE A LOOK!!    

  8.  My Endgame school , ( HERE ON THIS SITE!  - - Very detailed!!!)
    ( All
    the basics of Rook-and-Pawn are now here!! LOTS of good stuff. Check it out!  I have added many more 
      new games and positions! (Many titled players have written me and said this is one of the finest resources available 
      on the Internet!!) 

  9. My  MORPHY,  "Grand-Central Station."  (HERE, on this site!)
    A DETAILED Biography of   Morphy    PLUS    ...  links  to  .....  OVER  THIRTY  {30}  web-sites with 
      stuff and/or info, and/or pics ... and/or {re-playable} games  .... on one of the greatest players who ever lived!

  10. My web page devoted completely to  Emanuel LASKER. (Here, on this site)
    (Lots of stuff will eventually go here, plus a list of  MANY  annotated games.) 

  11.  My web page devoted to the life - and Games! - of the great  Mikhail TAL. 
     (Eventually I hope to have dozens of his games, even if they are only briefly annotated.  Right here ... on this site!) 

  12.  My page devoted entirely  to a   great American Player  ...  FRANK J. MARSHALL
     right here on this site.  (First posted here:  Sunday;  September 07th, 2003.)   

  Thank you  for visiting this web-page at Angel-Fire! Please come back and visit again!   

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