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Warrior Dice Games Links

Interested in linking to Krazy Korloch's Warrior Dice Games? Willing to give some free advertisement? Want some in return? On this page you'll find the official Warrior Dice Games advertising banner, along with the link to the Warrior Dice Games Page. Simply place the banner on your site, and add the site's link to the banner, so that visitors to your site can simply click on the banner! In return for advertising this site, your banner or link can be added here in the list of supporting web sites. Additionally, groups or individuals that place large orders or post reviews of the Warrior Dice Games collection will automatically recieve an invitation to have their web sites or reviews linked on this page.

Supporting Sites

The SpatCave - A great privider of props and costume items from the Aliens movies.

The IKV Bat'leth - A Klingon Star Trek club based in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

World's Best Comics - An excellent shop for comics and gaming in Newport News, Virginia.

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