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Go Lessons Online

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Go Lessons Online

Please use e-mail to contact other players on the members' list. Do not forget to remove "NOSPAMPLEASE" from the address. Suggest appropriate places (IGS, KGS, dashn etc.) and times to meet. Please help the teaching club to work by giving teaching games as well as receiving them. Please try mainly to challenge people up to 3 spaces above you in the ladder in order to avoid creating a "bottle-neck" effect by which the strongest members are placed under undue pressure. You are encouraged to review each game with your partner and to send commented sgf records to for archiving.

You may view the archive of GoLo games on Jan van der Steen's site (

Thankyou for participating, and please enjoy GoLo!

Members' List
1. S. G. Fawthrop: 4d* on KGS. I only play on KGS and prefer to play with people who have already given teaching games there. Sadly, my available time is limited.
2. T. Jones: 1k UK/2k* on IGS/1k* on dashn
3. Dan Stromberg: 3k* on IGS/4k* on KGS
4. John Rae: 5k* on IGS/3k* on KGS and dragon
5. Thomas Jaffke: 5k* on IGS/7k* on KGS. I can teach in English, Italian and German.
6. Jeff Thompson: 6k* on KGS
7. Theodore Kolokolnikov: 10k* on KGS
8. Edward Brannin: 14k AGA/13k* KGS
9. Joe Boden: 15k* on dragon
10. Xin Jiang: 18k* on KGS
11. A. Nixon: 19k
12. Ian Lyden: 21k

PLEASE NOTE: This is a temporary "holding page". GoLo will soon operate from a sophisticated site offering automatic sign-up and assisted match arrangement. Details should be announced within the next week.

GoLo - Go Lessons Online

Nb. GoLo was formerly known as GOTEC or "Go Online Teaching Club"