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We need your levels!

For my new SMW hack, I will need lots of levels to put together, so post them on my rather basic forum or Acmlms Forum. Or any other forum. As long as it's not a porno forum anything's okay!

New Color and 2 New Hacks!

Because of it being there for far too long, and being too boring ,I have changed the color scheme. I have also started work on 2 new hacks! A Mario World hack with just one HUGE level, and with the recent release of Deadbolt's Mario Kart editor, a Super Mario Kart hack!

Iced Hyrule released...Project stopped...For now.

I have decided to stop work on Iced Hyrule, as it was going nowhere fast. Download it here.

Two New Sections!

I have now added 2 new sections to DenseDomain! They are the Rom Section and the Music section! 

In the Music section there are MIDIS and Mp3's, zipped to save space. In the Rom Section, there are the following roms:

Donkey Kong Country 2, Donkey Kong Country 3, Super Mario World, Earthworm Jim 1+2 and super mario all-stars and World. Not that much, but anyway. Remember, do NOT download them unless you have the original rom/s.

A picture gallery?

Yep, DenseDomain now has a gallery containing all the pics in DenseDomain and other strange things I find on the WWW.

Pictures were not working... but are now!

I have had a few screenshots not working on the Zelda and SMW pages. They are fixed now.

Total Craziness Section

This new section contains how to follow the Nib Nub Nub Nub Noo religion and a load of other crazy stuff. Total Craziness Section

Yoshi's Island Hacking

As visitors to Acmlm's Forum might have seen, I have started a huge thread about Yoshi's Island. I have the docs, and I am starting my own hack, Just to see where stuff is and the results if I decide to make a editor. Go to Yoshi's Island Stuff!
Super Dense World Update!

I have updated Super Dense World As the other version had a impossible level!

Super Dense World Update

I have released a new version of Super Dense World. Changes include: All levels up to Cheese Bridge has a individual name, The main story, Message boxes and more levels are changed.

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Last modified: May 24, 2002