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Puzzles by Dartprince

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The jig saw puzzle. It has no mechanical apparatus, no technology involved, and requires no batteries, yet has been a popular form of entertainment since the late 1700's. The first jig saw puzzle, or picture puzzle as it was known back then, was created around 1760 by a London mapmaker and engraver by the name of John Spilsbury. It was created by glueing a map to a thin sheet of mahogany and cut into pieces using a fret saw. This he used as a teaching aid in geography lessons. If you would like more detailed info on this subject, you can visit "The Americana SmorgasBoard."

Now thanks to the modern miracle called "java applet," any picture can be cut up into a bunch of little pieces and placed on the world wide web for anyone with a half way decent browser to put together. (For those of you with Web TV, all I can say is, "Get a puter.") As you can see by the puzzle you solved to enter this site, it is actually quite easy to do. (By the way, this picture was taken during a poker tourny at Flipside.) Of course, this picture only had 6 pieces. The other pictures on this site will contain anywhere from a couple dozen pieces, to a couple hundred, depending on how ornery I'm feeling when I write that page. I plan to make this site an ongoing project, so check back every so often as I add more photos and pictures. Good luck and enjoy. (Helpful hint - Each puzzle page contains a link to the completed picture. You may want to study the picture first, then go back and attempt the puzzle.)

Simply click on a thumbnail to work that puzzle.

"Ladybug" Photo by Ray Hanson (100 pieces)

"Chisi" Screen capture of some friends and I playing pachisi at Flipside (120 pieces)

"Lake Placid" Photo by Ray Hanson (80 Pieces)

"Divine Intervention" Artist Martin J. Betters (90 pieces)

"Halloween Taz" Artist Unknown (150 pieces)

"Autumn Snowfall" Photo by Ray Hanson (140 pieces)

"NCC-1701-E" Enterprise of the Future (80 pieces) Design by Mat Hanson

"Train" Photo by Ray Hanson (80 pieces)

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