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Metroid Evolved, the ultimate process of the evolution of the Metroids. It has everything you could imagine.Only the best of the Hunters will reap it's rewards.Only the strongest and smartest will survive, Metroid Evolved.

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Warning Ceres Station is under attack!

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Samus, as she stands
in a defiant pose!

Galatic Federation Update: Along with Samus' assualt on Tallon four, we will be adding information on Scans in the game, Item Location, and tactics for survival for any Hunter brave enought to follow her footsteps. Any one willing to contribute can, just contact us. End Transmission

The insidious Metroids, lumbering, floating monstrasities.Their power, astounding.They can drain the life from an organisim in mere seconds! The are amazingly resilent to damage, they can withstand bombardment with missiles, beams, and the like.How can the all be killed.They are reproducing!

How far down does the Metroid
mystery go? If you are curious
I suggest you check outThe Illusion Database.

Check out our new Chozo Profile. This will help us solve the mystery of the great Chozo.

Samus, an interstellar bounty hunter. Commisioned by The Galatic Federation to help assualt the Space Pirate fortress on the planet Zebes. While the operations were greater than any could imagine, no could know just what they were really doing. Samus, without haste, flew off to Zebes, to only relize, that it would be harder than she would ever imagine!

A shot of Samus battling Fake Kraid

Samus' second battle on
Zebes was the final battle
on Zebes. Now that it is over
see what you can find out about
adventure at Metroid III Offical.
One of the best.

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