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Updated 8/04/02

As of right now, Black Sun is very, very far off on the horizon. At the moment I'm re-tooling the graphics - if you've been here over the past few months, you will have of course noticed that they suck. I'm no artist, dat's fo sho.

But I'm constantly playing around with Photoshop, messing around, trying new techniques to help me do the kind of stuff I want to do. I had actually completed the character of Lotus entirely, but I see now that the Street Fighter-edited style just wasn't working. I have a few new ideas, and I'll just have to see where they lead ...

Also, you may remember (if you have the slighest interest in this game) there was a character called Stitch. She was designed before that Disney movie came along, took the name, and slapped it on some psychotic little alien Koala bear. I don't know if she'll be dropped, but her name will certainly be changed now to avoid confusion.

And finally - I'm concentrating on another MUGEN project right now, but I plug away at Black Sun as time goes on, and I'll drop a sample of art here now and then if I think it's good enough ...

You can still download the beta of Sheng Long here, but he was just a small diversion, a side-project, and he's still the same old version.

This is the link to MK Integral's Common snd file, also located on this site.

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General Info:

First: To those of you who don't know what MUGEN is, it is a freeware fighting game engine made by Elecbyte. The DOS version has been discontinued and currently the only version available is for Linux, but a Windows MUGEN is expected eventually. Key word being eventually.

Second: To those of you in the MUGEN community who have found this site, you must have stumbled upon it by accident (perhaps while getting MK Integral's common SND file) because I have not announced the project on any message board yet. Fans of MK Integral, my other big MUGEN project, and MK Legacy, the upcoming sequel, need not worry - I'll continue to develop Integral and Legacy, but I feel it's time now, after almost a year of doing Mortal Kombat-related MUGEN stuff, to pursue my own project. I actually started preliminary work on it over a year ago when I first joined the Community - some of you may recall an earlier version of the cat-warrior Keegan I created. But my coding and artistic skills were limited, as was my knowledge of Adobe PhotoShop, so the results were less stellar than I expected and I switched to doing MK characters.

But now, after developing Integral and learning from the mistakes I made there, plus doing extensive PhotoShop work, I feel I have the skills to return to my old project.

Game Title: Black Sun: The Wastelands

Number of Characters: Eight Normal, Two Bosses, One Hidden.

Number of Stages: Unknown

Gimmick: No two characters fight the same or have the same button configuration. Some do not even remotely resemble traditional fighting game characters.