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med tank bat

Right is might

and we are truly mighty


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The medium tank battalions are the workhorses of the Imperial army. the masses of armour are used to batter away at the holes created by the super heavies until the enemy lines are pierced and broken.

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Battalion HQ company
                    Command platoon:-       

battalion commander
Political officer

               close support platoon:-     3 x art obs

artobs1.jpg (89858 bytes) artobs2.jpg (89339 bytes)

                                                          3 x thunderer armoured heavy artillery

csart1.jpg (12539 bytes) csart2.jpg (13600 bytes)

    power armour infantry platoon:-   4 Squads 2 x power armour inf sections



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3 x Medium Tank Company

Company HQ

                             1X leman Russ command vehicle, 1 X Vanquisher


                   3 x medium tank troops:- 3 x leman Russ medium tanks


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