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         Basically this page will be a catalogue of links to some of the great sites I have visited over the last few years.


Ground Zero games- Home of full thrust and a real contender for the best available fleet battle game. also makes some of the best 6mm sci-fi infantry available. They are the originators of the dirtside II rules I use to govern ground combat in Golgotha.

Games Workshop    designers of the 40k background that has contributed so heavily to the shape of Golgotha and the home of battle fleet gothic, the rules used for space combat in my galaxy.

Brigade models-- manufacture of a useful range of spaceships and 6mm microarmour. I recomend this site for it's extensive picture gallery.

Brigade Models Logo

 Forge world-- manufacturers of a great range of resin cast miniatures suitable for BFG and 6mm miniature gaming. produces models compatible with the 40k background and the GW model range.

Kallistra -- produce the Space Dreadnought 3000 space game and the models to go with it. they have some very useful transports and a fine range of attack craft models.

Scotia Micromodels- Produce a fine range of 6mm models for ground warfare. unfortunately the site has no pictures

Scotia Logo

Amazon Miniatures -- Limited but very nice range of 6mm scifi armour. Spoilt by lack of pictures on site.