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Pass not beneath, O Caravan, or pass not singing. Have you heard
That silence where the birds are dead yet something pipeth like a bird?
--James Elroy Flecker(1884-1915), The Gates of Damascas

Welcome to our resource site for "Wraith: The Oblivion," one of the many World of Darkness Games put out by White Wolf Publishing. We hope you find our site enlightening and useful. Pick a topic to the left and begin your journey into the Shadowlands.

As we've both returned to school (Jaek to filmmaking, Kate to graduate), things are going to be slow in updating since real life takes a priority. We do have a few ideas we might throw in for the future, but for now, we hope you find what we've got on our site useful and fun.

Enjoy, and thanks!
Jaek & Kate

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