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ph3ar t3h über $50 digtal cam3ra name: jeremy b. schabel
birthday: 08.01.84
residence: wi
description: my skin is sorta like albino only without the pink eyes and nose, black hair [natural color is brown though], my eyes are a greenish-brownish-hazel color [whatever, see them for yourself], 5'7", 107 lb, lazy
body mods: left eyebrow piercing [pic], lip ring [pic]
interests: snowboarding, doodling, sleeping [when i finally do fall sleep, insomnia sucks], gaming, designing stuff, i LOVE driving fast , pissing my parents off, anime, acting stupid, and listening to rock, heavy metal, punk [pop punk sometimes], sad shit when i'm not feeling so hot
favorite movies: *out cold* [freakin awesome movie], monty python and the holy grail, office space, clerks, back to the future trilogy, star wars [ep. 4-6 especially], the fifth element, bio-dome, sphere, wayne's world, matrix, akira, endless waltz, airheads
favorite shows: i haven't watched tv in over a month, except when my friends come over and watch something. but these are the shows i used to watch. trigun, cowboy bebop, dbz, futurama, south park, family guy, education crap on discovery and tlc and the history channel

email: aim: antimatterxero icq: 76476652

playlists as of 10.16.03:
so here are all the playlists i have on my computer. many of them i never use. the usage of this list is indicated by the number in the brackets []. and some of these lists are really old. don't ask me how, but 05.m3u managed to be the oldest. not sure how that worked out. drive.m3u, md.m3u, and md2.m3u were/are used for my minidisc player, hence the millions of "2sec" mp3's. it's an older md player that starts recording the next track after so many seconds.

01.m3u [05]
02.m3u [01]
04.m3u [02]
sad.m3u [04]
sadder2.m3u [03] (sleeping/sad music)
download current desktop:

download current wa skin:

recent writings: 10.10.03

random thought[s]:

farts smell

vladamir kushkof - that popped in my head while i was day dreaming

markadeus exzemous - if you have any idea what or who that is, let me know. it came to me in a dream.