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The Sonoma Emporium

The Sonoma Emporium

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Here at The Sonoma Emporium we strive to provide UO Players with fine Goods and Sevices at reasonable prices. If you do not see something here that you want, contact us with the item(s) and we will attempt to locate the item(s) for you. However, items that require us to locate them are subject to a 5% finders fee added to the cost of the item(s).

We are always buying items, houses and accounts, so if you have one of the following you wish to sell, please contact us by ICQ or Email Us.

We offer Third Party Brokering as well. This is a way for secure trading without the chance of getting ripped off. We charge a small fee, 5% of the value of the item(s) being traded, with a minumum of 5k and a maximum of 50k (No minimum/maximum on USD). Quite often the players choose to split the fee.

Since December 24, 2000