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                                Welcome to PlanetMars

This page is dedicated to the B.Net clan Mars, so if you're not a member, git your ass out. I guess you can stay if you want to join or submit a strategy or what not. Mars is a low-lying clan with no annoying bots to disturb you whilst playing online. We don't advertise anywhere, and this is a site dedicated to helping our members.
If you wanna join, read the Charter

Clan Stuff-
   Military Positions
   NewsPostings -By the Judicator
   Treaties/Enemies (Clans + Single Players)
   Battle Calendar
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    Zerg Strategy
    Protoss Strategy
    Terran Strategy

    Other useful sites for Starcraft
    Good players on B.Net

    The Bazaar

Other sites of mine-
    none yet

E-Mail me
    **E-mail me only if you are going to report an error or compliment my site. I don't want to hear any crap about "your site is infinitely superior to mine". Also E-mail if you are going to submit an application to be a member or submit graphics, ect.

Current Judicator/Writer- Ryan Pratt