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Table of Contents

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    Hello People. I have noticed many people out there playing SC who seem caught in between being a Newbie and an Expert. This is not good. I think I am pretty good (please, I do not flatter myself). At least with the bgh map, ladder games are another thing entirely. So, to help you Intermediate people out, I am going to make some rules to follow for your and me. Dont just think 'aw, I already know these things,' Knowing about them is one thing, using them when you play is something else. Lets try to beef things up here. If your looking for strategies related to starcraft 2, just go here: starcraft 2 strategy


    1. Scout

    The first thing that you should do in a game is scout. I like to send my first barracks or gateway unit out, but a probe or scv work better. Why? Because you get them at an early stage. Early enough to see the roots of there strategy. If you are too early however, then you only see where he/she is, not what strategy they are using. Sometimes The enemy is in the last place I look, and that is very dangerous. When I find him I see his mutas, tanks or whatever and its too late to stop him. if you are scouting with a probe, scv, or drone, it won't hurt your economy too much If you decide to scout early. I don't care how you scout, but if you don't you'll surely regret it.


    2.Keep an eye out.

    You will want to know if your enemy has expanded. Make sure you know the map. If your opponent gets an expansion then he/she will be twice as hard to kill. Send units to the mineral places to keep watch. Zerg are nice because they can burrow. Also, keep an eye on your opponent's base. This is easiest with Terran because they have comstat. If you are not Terran just send some units into your enemy's base, regardless of weather or not they get killed. If he is building Carriers I think you will want to know about it.


    3.Use magic units.

    This is my weak point. I get lazy and say he's dead, I'll just use brute force. I can think of soooo many games when some Psi storm would have won me the game. Get magic units quickly, for example, Psi storm for Protoss, science vessels and Ghosts for Terran, Queens and Defilers for Zerg. If you rush to get them, however, you might regret it. Just make it a priority. You probably all know how important irradate and psi storm are. they stop almost everything. Always have spare temps or a vessel around to use them. It's always nice to have Broodling as well. How do you stop Tanks or Templar? Broodling their guts out so they have to replace them like mad. Don't save making them to the last minite or you will be sorry.



    In most games, these are essencial to winning. This is alot more of a strategy than a tip. sheer numbers doesn't always do the job. These units are too important to just ignore. They are great because of their range and power. You have to spend alot of time teching for Guardians so they are a bit less important. The infantry for terran is very weak. If lurkers, reavers, or hydras are dropped in your base, you may be in trouble. To solve this problem have a couple tanks spread in your base along with missle turrets. Tanking an enemy is very important as well. It will stop large armies of zerg or protoss and will kill lurkers and other things. They out range every other unit. It takes two Psi storms to kill a tank. It takes two tank hits to kill a templar. This is very important to know. When large armies come to kill you make sure you get some tanks to hit the mixed in templar. Reavers do MEGA damage and nice splash. If you have alot of them, Zerg will wince every time he attacks you with ground. Personally if I saw a Protoss player with Reavers, I would be sweating it out. Use ground units for scouting and defending. Keep in mind a Zerg player can easily out number a Protoss player so you need Reavers!



    I used to ignore this rule. I have changed my ways since then, and I understand the importance of upgrading. During a very close match, the upgrades will be the deciding factor. If you both have the same amount of units, but you do a slightly larger amout of damage because of upgrades, you'll have a much better change of winning. It takes two hits for a Cannon to kill an unupgraded marine or zergling(ow). If you upgrade, it'll take three hits to kill them. things are looking better already. One thing that bugs me about upgrading is if you're in a game where you don't have many minerals to spare and if you upgrade that means that you'll get less guys, especially in the beginning. Is it worth it? Depends on the game length. Personally, I think it's up to you. But upgrading is very important and it should be done in every game.


    6. Micromanagement

    This is what seperates the good players from the ordinary. It is early in the game, you and the enemy each have three dragoons. How do you win? You guessed it, micromanagement. Highlight all three of your Goons and hold shift. Right click the enemy dragoons one at a time, and they will each be attacked more efficiently. Note that the shift command is very important. Of course, upgrades will help you win too. If a stray SCV comes to your base, you can use micromanagement to minimize the losses. SCVs are strong. If you don't micromanage, you could lose the drone it's attacking. Get two drones and run the one being attacking around the second drone, and it will survive. Say you are attacking a missle turret with three wraiths. If you move the wraith that is being shot at and about to die out of the turret range, the Turret will automatically attack another wraith. then you can send the hurt wraith back in and continue with the attack without loosing any of your units. you can do this multiple times if you need too. Micromanaging can be used in a variety of ways. One of my favourites is 'luring'. If you have a huge army in front of your base, run your fastest moving unit close the the army and then back to your defence. A some of the enemie's units will follow. This is fun to do against air units. What I have told you are just some examples. Another example: you are building a wall of cannons. Do you really wanna bring your cursor to the build button then click the cannon button and place the cannon where you want it? Very time consuming. Instead put your cursor where you want the cannon to be and press 'b' for build then press 'c' for cannon. This works not only for cannons but other things as well. Micromanaging can be used in many other situations. See the bottom of the protoss strategy for more.


    7.Be aware of cluttering

    Cluttering is when you keep all your units really close together. This has its advantages and disadvantages. When you are tanking you should obviously keep your infantry close to your tanks. But what happends if they get in a Disruption Web, Psi Storm, or Plague? Ouch. If you clutter your buildings together it'll be a nice place for your opponent to launch a nuke or plague. If you have a fleet (12) of Reavers in your base, you may think 'oh nice no ground is gunna kill me'. Once again a good psi storm, insnare, plague, or emp could get past your clutterd reavers. Maybe you should spread them out.


    8.Go to the next level

    Don't stick with one particular strategy for too long. If you decide to use mass Zerglings it may work well for you for a while but eventually they'll figure it out and go "hey! I'll make Firebats". If you are smart you will switch to Hyrdas and those Bats will get toasted.



    In a well defended Terran base there should be Tanks scattered throughout, not just at your choke point. Use their range to protect your whole base. If you clutter your Tanks and your enemy drops, it will be easy for him/her to find a place to drop outside of your tank's range. If they're scattered, however, there will be no where for the enemy to land without getting hit. If you're not Terran, many people will drop you. When they do you'll want to have lots of movable units to attack them with, and be sure to put some defence by your mineral line. You won't regret it.



    This may seem stupid to some people but it can be helpful in some situations. if you're playing an allied game against an opponent, you may want to consider counter attacking as a option. You're playing a game where everyone has a big army. Your enemy sends his army (and his defence) to kill your allie. He he he, don't bother saving your allie, KILL YOUR ENEMY. Allie can run for all you care. If you're in the other position, don't depend your on your allie. In most games they suck. If you're attacking, make sure you're prepared incase your victim's allie counter's against you. This is why you should always keep some units behind for defence. Don't ever waste your attacks. Wait until the time is right.



    If you expand then the game will be yours. You will have twice the rate of mineral intake then you had before, and you can support more units. Should you defend a new expansion? It depends. I don't usually guard expansions because I'm lazy. If you're playing with Zerg, Nydus Canals make expanding much easier.


    12.Keep the pressure on

    Don't stop attacking your enemy. Force hm/her into playing defencively. Keep pushing at the entrance until you see an opening. Eventually the enemy will crack. In my experence the person who's playing in a more offencive style normally wins.


    The races:
    I'm going to take this time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each particular race. each one was carefully designed to have just as much potential as the rest, but your individual playing strategy may be better matched to a certain race.



    For me, I sometimes prefere to play with Terran. I think that they are the best to use in multiplayer games. In the beginning of the game, build a Bunker as soon as you can so you can stop any early attacks. This is important. Early Zealots can kill Terrans, but if you have a bunker it can save you. Is it a problem if Zealots run into your base past your bunker? Not really, get marines out of bunker shift click zealots. If they turn back to attack your marines, run them back to the bunker. (for additional information, relate back to the Micromanagment section). Tanks have the most range in the game. They can stop drops, Lurkers, Reavers, Psi Storm, and lots of other things. If you avoid using tanks then you will be seriously restricting your gameplay. Be sure to keep some units close to your Tanks so you can defend against short range units. Tanks cannot attack things that are too close, and if other tanks hit the unit, your tanks can be dammaged by the splash. If you are tanking and moving tanks to get closer to an enemy, they will be more vunerable because they are unseiged. Keep your infantry close to them. A lone Tank can get killed fast. Medics are also very important. They can heal stimed and damaged organic units, and the Flare ability they have is usefull if used on lone observers or overlords. If you use medics in your infantry attacks will be much stronger. Goliaths have very nice range too, but it is not something I would give that much value to. Irradate baby. It kills zerg fast. What will you ever do if you are going to be attacked by two fleets of guardians with devourers? Irradate. It works incredibly well. Keep in mind that you don't have to use it defencively. Ghosts are very important as well. One of the only things that can stop fully upgraded Carriers is Lock Down. It's a very nice thing to have. It will stop reavers as well. If there are any annoying observers in a battle, lock them down and you can get a free cloak or nuke. I cannot stress how important this lock down is. I almost never see anyone use it. Defencive matrix weak units in battle, EMP Protoss units or buildings (especially before you nuke). Irradate templar. Be annoying. Good Terran players are the kings of being annoying. Firebats can kill every meele unit except for ultras. Nice to have. Comstat is good as well. If you need to quickly scan for detection, or if you just want to see what your enemy is doing you can. Two Comstats is twice as good as one. Keep in mind that Drones, Probes, SCVs, Vultures, and Archons do not get hit by spider mines since they hover.

    Weaknesses: Builings burn when the life level indicator is red. plauge really hurts. Be ready to fix with an scv. Beware of early Zealot rushes, Carriers and BC attacks, psi storm, and Lurkers. Use tanks to stop the lurkers and use lockdown for the carriers/bc.



    Zealots are very strong for beginning units and they are nice for rushing people. Once you have scouted your enemy, you can deceide if an attack would be worth it. Dark Templar are very important. Use them to scout. They are permanently cloaked, and they can kill marines and zerglings in one hit (unless they upgraded and you haven't). If you are playing a Terran who is relying on comstant then send one Dark Templar at a time until their comstat runs out. Use them for defence. keep in mind of other people's lazyness. Since many people are lazy, you can use this to your advantage. If you are attacked by another player who is too lazy to send a detection unit, you're Dark Templar will do lots of damage. The most important unit for Protoss is High templar. You've all heard about Psi Storm. It can kill almost anything. Abuse it. Get it fast. *Note the new patch has totally weakened psi storm. But this does not make it useless. Corsairs will rock most other air units. Disruption web is very useful. If a Terran player is attacking you with Tanks and there is nothing else you can do, get a dis web in there and storm those babys. If you cant break an opponent's defence, the Dis Web probably can. Reavers are one of the best ground units in the game. They have good splash and range. it will kill any large Zerg meele army. I really like using Arbitors. If you ever have to transport a large army fast to another spot on the map use Recall. this can be done very quickly by using shortcut keys. click the arbitor and press ctrl+1. highlight the army to transport and press ctrl+2. then press 1-r-2-2 and click, and the army will be transported to the position of the Arbitor. Put cannons throughout your base. they serve the same purpose as Tanks. Scatter the Templar amongst the cannons.

    Weaknesses: beware of Lockdown, Tanks, EMP.
    Hehe psi storm stops all



    I like to use zerg because they are fast and easy to use. They require you to build less buildings and at the same time they let you produce more units. You can do this because Hatcheries can produce three larve each, so your don't need to build lots of buildings to produce lots of units. As well, to get food you use Overlords instead of Suplly Depos or Pilons, so you build more units instead of more builings. Zerg is the best race to preform a drop with. You use Overlords, so you have lots of food, they are detectors, and can be used as dropships. Always have Sunken Colonies or Spore Colonies with your units for defence. If your units get stormed they will have colonies to hide behind. What about a pesky Zealot rush? Colonies are the answer. Zerglings can be useful in a rush if they are properly upgraded. A fully upgraded zergling is cheap, fast, and deadly. Lurkers will kill all meele units, even the firebat. Be sure to have lots of these if you can supply the amount of gas needed to support them. Mix Lurkers into your attacks. This is very effective. you should get Queens every game too. With a queen, you can Broodling pesky Tanks, Ensare groups of units, Or parasite lone detectors. Unfortunately Reavers or Probes can't be broodlinged becase they are mechanical. Dark swarm is super important. It stops all air and range attacks. Sometimes the only way to win is to use this. This is true for most magic attacks. Dark swarm is nice when used offensively and defencively. To stop carriers or BCs you can darkswarm your hydras and get devorers. It is also important to get expansions so you can keep your armies big.

    Weeknesses: Zerglings get toasted by firebats. beware of reavers, psi storm, tanks, irradate, lurkers, and other Zerg players building on your creep Wow big list...........



    Remember I will awnser anything I get. Don't hesitate to ask how to stop a particular strat, or for me to tell you a build order. ***Feed back makes me very happy. If I get enough of it I will definitly add more to this and make it better. My email is



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